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    Do any of you in your late 60's have aching , mostly when you first awake in the mornings?---sometimes when I first to to bed but take my prescribed Asperin at that time and think that helps me to get to sleep.
    May awake and seem to have been sleeping ok, until I move, then it starts, neck, Spine, Shoulders, back/hips, legs and sometimes feet. I do have Fibro ( Dr. ruled out Arthritis a few years ago and decided Fibro ) but this also seems that some of it is like Arthritis and Chostocondritis (from back around to ribs). After I have been up and moving for abt a half hr. it begins to let up some.
    My husband has Osteoarthritis, and is expeirencing the same type of pain, in same places only more intense, I think.
    Recently, my Dr said I also have what they call Osteopenia but I don't know if thats bad enough to cause all of this.
    i did take a fall in Aug. and landed on my back in the road, ( walking the dog ). My balance isn't vy good anymore.
    Since then it seems to be worse, especially around my tailbone and thighs , backs of legs. Had back surgery on L-4 about 25 years ago for ruptured disk.
    I haven't gone to the Dr. for this, as don't want to take any more meds than i am already--for other conditions.
    I use a heating pad with minimal results and ;hot bath gives some help if only temporary. Same with massage, its great while I'm having it done.
    I use a lot of herbs/vits but haven't found that they help with the pain so far --- of course it might be worse if i didn't use them, one never knows.
    Would like to hear if anyone has found help, not including drugs/surgery etc.
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    Nutrients that end in -ase are enzymes. Digestive enzymes are made by the pancreas and salivary glands. Systemic enzymes are made by healthy bacteria in the large intestine.

    Protease breaks down protien from surgical scar tissue and viral damage to pancreas, kidneys. It also dissolves fibrin blockages in the blood stream in muscle areas.

    See Dr. Wong's research on Enzymes:

    God bless and have a Merry Christmas!
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    Dear one, please put costochondritis in the search box above and just read all the info about it.

    To me, it sounds like you may have it; also your hubbie. My DP and I both have it and even tho' the drs say they don't know what causes it, it is inflammation of the cartilage that holds the rib cage to the muscles, and it is treatable.

    We both take 250mg naproxen 2-3x daily, with meals, along with a muscle relaxer I can't remember name and it's downstairs.

    It can linger for a long time, and causes pain all over the chest and collar bone area...possibly referred pain, too.

    I hope you find a way to relieve yours; heating pads help me, too.

    Best to you and yours....


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