Botox for certain pain?

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    PITATOO Member

    Anybody have had botox injections for muscle pain? Have been doing some research and wondering if it will help with my neck and shoulders. I can bear the pain in my legs etc. But the pain in the neck and shoulders is the worst for me and never really goes away. Especially that I work so much on a computer. I try to make sure I get my deep tissue massage once a week but that even makes it worse a lot of the time, muscle relaxers do work, but I can't work or do anything on them, SOMA does not really relax the muscles but acts more like a pain killer. It is becoming more and more tough to drive as it is hard to even turn my head to check for traffic and forget backing up etc.

    Have heard a lot lately about people getting botox for muslce pain but don't know anyone that has done it to ask/talk with about it before I jump into it.

    Thanks, Bobby
  2. FaithHopeCure

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    I recently had lydocaine/cortisone injections and it fortunately corrected my neck dystonia (neck pain) that was causing migraines. I did a set of shots in my neck every two weeks for 8 weeks. I no longer need the shots and thank goodness because my insurance would not cover the Botox injections.

    I had read that if you can correct your worst trigger points with injections than there would be a good chance that the rest of the body can relax and heal. I am happy to say that this did work for me. I also added supplements and went gluetin-free which I believe has helped as well.

    It is a painful treatment but it did work for me. I wish I had done this five years ago when I started getting migraines. Good luck!
  3. hermitlady

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    My nephew is considering getting Botox injections for his frequent migraines. I have heard it can work wonders. I'll report on his results if he gets it done.
  4. MicheleK

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    You may wish to try a personal handheld massager that reaches the back of your neck and upper back. Using it for just a few minutes a few times a day helps keep my neck pain and stiffness to a minimum. And since you do get a professional massage, this few times a day "tune up" may alleviate your problems so that you do not need to get botox injections.
    Wishing you pain free days,
  5. neighbour

    neighbour New Member

    I have tried everything for neck and headache pain, which I fight everyday.
    Steroid shots didn't help. Once I had radial ablation of the nerves in my neck.
    I had relief for almost a year. But when I went back to the pain doctor, I had to go through the hoops of Medicare again (shots for 3 mo.) Then the doctor suggested I have a metal hoop inserted at the base of my head (surgically),
    which would allow me to carry a remote to block pain. I am not really wanting to do this. I had Botox shots this last March, which really made the pain worse, because I was reacting to the toxins. I listened to a class on Fibromyalgia on Wellness, which really expained the cause of the neck and head pain. Toxins build up in the lymph system due to poor
    digestion and poor liver function. I really suggest you read this on the internet site. Just because botox didn't work for me doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you. Good luck on a discouraging problem.

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