Botox injections???? any had them or have info??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jaden, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Jaden

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    I just went to my Dr today to get cortisone shots in my shoulder as the pain was more then I could stand!

    He is sending me for u/s on my shoulders to see if there is something else besides the FM that is causing the pain.

    We discussed treatment options. He suggested botox injections if my insurance would cover the cost as it is very expensive. He has done them on another FM patient with great success.
    I called my insurance provider and they will cover it if they Dr supplies a letter detailing what is wrong, what treatment I have tried etc. Considering I can't take nacotics it may be the best choice.

    He also said that he would be willing to try me on fentenol patches, as it is a lower dose to see if I get sick from it. I am willing to try it.

    Thanks again, this place is such a great sorce of support and information. I am so glad I found this site!!

  2. Jaden

    Jaden New Member

    Is this so off base???

    I did some research on my own and find it hard to believe that no one here has tried it!!

    I am bumping this in hopes that someone will respond.
  3. Hippo

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    My neurologist actually suggested this to me a couple of years ago. But the Botox is really expensive and he doesn't do it on that many people. So the way he does it is, he starts a little "waiting list" and then when he has 3 people, they all come in and he uses one bottle of Botox on all 3 people. I put myself on the waiting list TWICE and somehow my name mysteriously disappeared off the list both times and I never got called. When I asked them about it, they denied that I had ever asked to be on the list. Maybe this is God's way of telling me not to try it?

  4. kaths

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    My Kaiser doctor gave me Botox injections along my eyebrows and in the hairlines beside my temples for migraines. I was very happy with how my forehead looked for four months, but the daily migraines continued. I was so disappointed.