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  1. GranJan

    GranJan New Member

    Has anyone out tried Botox injections for their migraines associated with F/M?
  2. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member

    Hi GranJan,

    I have severe spasm of my neck, upper back & shoulders. I also get Migraines. When I was hospitalized in 2003 at Stanford, they gave me Botox trigger point injections in those areas. I felt immediate relief & more movement in those areas than from any other treatment. (And I've tried it all!)

    When I wanted to repeat the Botox injections as an outpatient with a Neurologist in 2004; my insurance company would not authorize them. They consider the injections "experimental & investigational", therefore they would not pay for them. One vial of Botox costs $ 400, so I could not afford to pay out of pocket for the injections!

    After taking my case to the State of CA medical review board; I won & was approved for the Botox injections.

    I tried the injections two times with my Neurologist, but unfortunately I didn't have the same positive results that I had experienced when I was in the hospital in 2003! Bummer.
    The only reason I can think of why the injections worked so well the first time was that I was heavily drugged in the hospital & wasn't doing my usual level of activities?...Other than that; I can't explain why it worked so well the first time, but not the 2nd & 3rd...

    To summarize...Yes, I benefitted from the first injections of Botox...The benefit IS short-term, however...The effects wear off in about 2-3 months. Therefore, the idea is to continue to receive a series of injections, in hopes that your body will improve over time. The benefit comes in that the Botox "paralizes" or allows your muscles to let go, and other therapies can be more effective. (P.T., stretching, etc.) It's no cure all, but it can help.

    Adverse reaction? Only that my muscles felt "numb" for awhile...I can't really describe the feeling very well, but it was not bothersome compared to pain! Just a "weirdness" or weakness in my muscles that I was aware of...

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  3. DFL

    DFL New Member

    I was given 3 botox shots in my neck all in the same visit for neck pain,and migraines. Hurt like H--- , Didn't help, the dr. said he would make the dose stronger next time. But, I never went back.
  4. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I have had Botox injections twice (BEFORE it became all the rage for getting rid of wrinkles). Once just in my forehead, and once in my forehead and back of my neck.

    Never again! My neck was VERY stiff and sore for a month. It was worse than any headache. The kicker is that the headaches didn't let up, either. It was lose-lose for me.
  5. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    in the forehead - they didn't help a bit
  6. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    I would not get botox for anything! Marie

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