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    Hi again!!

    Just read the new Prevention mag and seen that Botox was now being used as a treatment for FMS.

    Now come the questions....has anyone tried this?

    I've called around to all the plastic surgeons in the phone book and most of them do Botox, but won't do it anywhere but the face. One said that it's not FDA approved for anything but removing wrinkles. However, I know that it's used in the treatment of dystonia, which is similar to FMS, but localized and crippling. So it must be FDA approved for more than wrinkles right? (personally, I don't have wrinkles yet but I plan to keep them once I get them!!!)

    Peace, Love and Happiness....

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    My nephew was being treated with Botx..he had a stroke inutero that left him crippled on the left side of his body...he can not put his heal down...walks on toes and he has problems with his arm...anyhow he was getting lots of injection of BOTOX ..and then he started getting very sick and ended up in the hospital.....and could have died ...he was only 3years old.....It is very is a form of Bocholism ( spelling??) It took him months to get back to normal..he couldn't eat ......just stared..was was a Horrible experience....Needless to say he will not be getting those treatments again...I would think twice before I let them inject me with something that has Bochilism in it.
    The doctors don't even tell you these things.