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    Good morning Fybromities! I was wondering if anyone has ever had botox injections for cosmetic reasons or for trigger point injections? I am considering the use of botox because of the positive results patients have had with the use...Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  2. LeLeHpr

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    Bump for a response...
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    I havnt had them myself but a good friend of mine had them for her migrains and they worked well. She had severe migrains I took her to urgent care several time for other injections and finaly her doc sent her for the botox. She swears by them. Take care,Lori
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    From the National Library of Medicine has a bunch of information on Botox and it's different uses. You can do a search at their website ~nlm nih gov~ it's under the first topic "Health Information".

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    I appreciate everyone getting back to me so soon. You guys are the best..I will do a little more investigating and let you all know what I find out and decide on!

    Thanks again.