bovine colostrum

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donza, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. donza

    donza New Member

    Anyone have any experience with this stuff?
  2. donza

    donza New Member

    Anyone have any experience with this stuff?
  3. battyforbeanies

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    Hi. I just wanted to tell you I haven't tried it yet. I am not for sure if I am going to, but my step-mother has made me read up on it and wants me to try it. I have just tried so many things that she pushes at me and no help. So I am kind of tired of trying them. But if you do try it please keep us informed. I would really like to hear if you or anyone has a good experience with it.
    Have a great and pain-free night,
    Vickie C.
  4. amymb74

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    but I know a woman (through a friend) who swears by some goat colostrum from New Zealand that her doctor reccomended she get from the health food store. She was bedridden with cfids and now went back to work. My friend wasn't ill but bought some to try herself after seeing the difference it made for her and she has a lot more energy & hasn't gotten sick since shes been on it. I used to read on another message board (I actually found this one while doing a general search for colostrum) and a few people on there swore by it (they were using immune tree bovine) I would say its worth a try (I use ImmunePro now but colostum is next on my list to try) I know from my own research on this there are many different brands etc. so you should make sure you use a good quality one - Let us know if it helps!
  5. AnnetteP

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    I think that's what its called. But, my dr. said if someone was on a limited budget, the best thing they could do for themselves (if they had a chronic condition) is take a good quality colostrum.

  6. sybil

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    with a very long stick!!
    here in the u.k. there are people in hospitals dying from CJD because of cattle products and growth hormones that have been infected by CJD.the problem only came to light in the late 80s early 90s,now scientists say they have no idea how many people will end up dying from this horrible disease,as it can lie dormant for as much as 20 you could have eaten an infected burger at 6 years old and die at 26.
    there was a lady died a few years ago,her husband worked at a slaughterhouse,so he is now waiting to see if he and his children will die from CJD.
    i don't want to terrify people,but you must be aware of the risks,


  7. Mikie

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    The products here are of the highest quality and no bovine products come from the UK. Products designed to bolster the immune system are not the kind which will give you a "boost" in energy suddenly. Many try them and stop because they are expecting some kind of tangible benefit.

    Building the immune system is an important overall part of our treatment. By itself, it will not heal us, but used in conjunction with our other treatments, it is a vital component of healing.

    Love, Mikie