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  1. Applyn59

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    I know I either have IBS or something worse.
    I do take digestive enzymes and acidophilus and

    I have a very good article on all aspects of
    diarhhea( isn't that just wonderful?). They
    say that they consider more than three stools a day to be abnormal. Three stools??? That is just so

    I usually run to the bathroom anywhere from
    3 to 6 times after dinner. When it isn't
    diarhhea, it is many stools each time.
    Sometimes it just looks like dirt. Other
    times it just looks like mud. There is tons
    of mucous.

    Is this what all of you with IBS experience?
    I am sorry about the graphic nature of this

    It doesn't matter what I eat, either!


    PS I was going to post this on some IBS board but
    I couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't know them!
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  2. garyandkim

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    Have you seen your doc? A Gastro would be the best to check out IBS. There are meds that can help.

    Take care, Kim
  3. Shazzy

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    Hi Lynn,

    I suffer diarhhea too. Can i ask what is IBS.

  4. tulip922s

    tulip922s New Member

    Hi Lynn,

    You described what I go through everyday to a T,,,,except mine is every morning.

    I talked with my doc about this and he said since it is part of CFS/FM and he has many other patients with the same symptoms that came on at the same time as CFS/FM,,,,he would not put me through a bunch of tests and scopes to find nothing.

    He had previously sent patients to gastros,,,only to find nothing wrong with them,,,,,just a byproduct of CFS/FM.

    Best of luck. Tulip
  5. elaine_p

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    I think mucous (sp?) in your stool shows that you're not digesting/absorbing something (MAYbe fats, or maybe anything), or maybe it indicates candida. Don't remember and I haven't done much research on IBS.

    There's a web site I found awhile back that might be helpful. If you do a search on "Afraid to ask" (or just type that in as the address!), it will take you there. (My mom told me for years that you're "supposed" to have 3 bowel movements a day. Well, I have one. This site told me that's perfectly normal as well.)

    I agree that you should print your post and take it to your doc. But in the meantime that site might help!
  6. Mikie

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    I used to suffer horribly from IBS, but since being on the Doxycycline for mycoplasma infection, my IBS has gone away, along with several other symptoms. I believe that a lot of times, it's the chronic infections which cause our IBS.

    If it were me, I would see a gastro guy. He may be able to help you, even if your own doc doesn't think so. The mucus in the stool would be a concern to me. If you are more than 40 years old, it wouldn't hurt to get a baseline colonoscopy.

    My Mom had your problem and it turned out she had diverticulosis. The doc cleaned out her diverticuli and that in itself stopped the problem.

    Love, Mikie
  7. averilpam

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    Hi, I used to have a dog who constantly got gastritis. it usually cleared up with antibiotics (though never for long sadly)
    He produced enormous amounts of mucous.
    (I know humans and dogs have different digestive systems but your description fitted!!)

    I eventually found that a gluten free diet stopped the excessive mucous, poor love had to live on porridge and rice most of the time.

  8. nancyneptune

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    You're so funny. I do feel priveleged indeed. hehe.
    I usually have the same thing but not as often as you. Sometimes I can't even finish supper b4 going to the john.
    I've had all the scopy's in the world, there's no big reason why I do this. I had a few polyps and a little diverticulitis. Nothing else.
    Sometimes it's too much acid as in GERD. That always makes a lot of mucus.Eeww.
    So any how, go to the gastro doc and see. good luck, n
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  9. Jen F

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    doesn't sound right to me, as just IBS....

    I definitely think you should mention to a doc, but I see from other posts here that others experience that much....

    Have you had your food sensitivites determined?

    do you take dig enzymes?



  10. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Hi Lynn,

    You've had great info here. Clearly you need to get this problem checked out properly.

    I used to get mucous in my stools until I stopped eating dairy and gluten foods. Starchy vegetables were another trigger that I didn't find out until much later. Food intolerances frequently cause ibs.

    Candida and other infections are another factor, as is undigested food.

    I used to have to take mebeverine, which sounds very like the levbid someone else mentioned. Now I only need it when things flare up, usually following another infection.

    Treatment for candida, alongside very good probiotics, low doses of colustrum, and digestive enzymes have really helped me. Recently for the first time in many years my ibs like symptoms are less of a problem. They are still improving too, which feels just so amazing considering how bad and persistent it all got.

    Good luck, hope you get it sorted soon.


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  11. Mumu

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    IBS is irritable bowel syndrome, which is what the docs call it when they can't find a reason for our alternating diarrhea/constipation symptoms. Since we often have diarrhea when under stress, many docs tend to consider it a psychological problem.
  12. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    The article said 3 Stools, not three times! Ummm,
    excuse me. I would say at least 20 for me.

    Yes, Jen, I take probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc.
    I just took two immodiums. I almost had a nervous
    breakdown getting them out of that foil! I was shaking!
    Geez!!! Nothing is easy these days.

    I have had this problems in spurts before. I, too,
    usually have to leave dinner to go the first time.
    It just continues all night. Lately, I get up and have
    to go again. And then Again! I am so tired! It just
    wears me out!

    Everything I have read gives mucous as a symptom
    of all the GI stuff: chrons. IBS. etc .etc. I think it
    sounds like an aborption issue myself.

    As many may remember, I haven't been out these
    past 8 or 9 months. I am making an appointment
    with lyme specialist next week. Probably won't get in for a few weeks or a month. Before then though, I may make an
    appt with one of my drs. if I can't get in with a GI
    fast. One time their wait was three months.
    I need a med before that. I do have to get a colonscopy
    because my mother has breast cancer and her
    two parents had colon cancer. When she had a
    colonscopy last year, I went with her to the dr. and I
    asked him when I should have a colonscopy.
    He said with my history at age 40. Well, I just got there.
    So, I have to do this no matter what.

    I hate the fact that my primary care physician treats me
    like a piece of furniture. I have only seen her twice and I
    reallly do not like her at all. This does not give me muc
    incentive to go to her. I should probably see my FMS
    dr. maybe. Where are you guys getting your IBS
    scripts from? Your FMS dr??? He usually gives me
    what I ask about. He won't be of any help, but I am
    due to see him.

    I am on a waiting list to get a new PCP who sounds
    wonderful. It can't be too soon. I know if I had a
    caring dr that I would have gone to her for several
    things lately. Half the time, she isn't there and I
    have to see her NP. Her NP I do not like. I have had
    NP's that I love, so I am not prejudice.

    So, that about wraps it up.
    I hope the immodium works.
    I have been using Pepto, Tums, Prevacid, acidophilus
    and digestive enzymes.

    Thanks for all of your advice!

    PS Yes, Jen. I did that after only eating a very tiny
    piece of boneless, skinless chicken and
    a small side of mashed potatoes. That was it!
    Many recommend mashed potatoes for
    stomach ailments.
  13. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I forgot to mention that I had my gallbladder out
    a few years ago. I know some say that can cause
    diarhhea. I had it prior to that as well. I was going
    about 10 times a nite and my NP at that time said she
    thought it was my acid reflux. I went back on Prevacid
    and it helped for a while. I was surprised that she, too,
    didn't want me to have a colonoscopy. I told her my
    two maternal grandparents had colon cancer. At the
    time I was 37 and she didn't want to put me through it and also thought that I was too young. The too young answer is one that I never believe in. I am overweight
    so that is one reason I wasn't too concerned about
    cancer at that time. I think I would have wasted away
    to nothing by now. I ended up going to a GI out of
    town to check on gallbladder because the wait in
    town was at least 3 months. I had an endoscopy at that time. I wish I had the celiac biopsy done. I am going to make a list of my symptoms and bring it to the GI
    dr. I am going to request getting checked for celiac.
    I don't know if they do that as standard procedure or not.
    I am most worried about the prep for a colonscopy.
    I will most likely vomit it up. I had to drink tons of
    water for an ultrasound once and I vomited that up!
    So many troubles. Too many drs. to see.

    What a life we lead!
  14. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    something is definitely wrong!!

    I hope you find something helpful soon.

    Was that a yes to the metamucil and to the food allergy testing?

    I'm surprised about the potatoes. I avoid potatoes cause those are one of my food sensitivities. I thought many people are sensitive to the nightshade family: potatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.

    Any chance someone can pay for you to try a Naturopath? It's very expensive, cause not only consultation fee, but expensive testing is required also and then there's the cost of remedies, supplements..

    I hope you can get in soon to see your new PCP.

    Sorry it's so rough for you!

  15. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I don't take metamucil. My mother took it once and
    she had a really terrible time with it. So, I stay
    away from it.

    I have asked my dr. to due food testing but he says no.
    He said I know what I am allergic to. I find out when
    I eat. I would love the RAST blood test though.
    I know what gives me headaches, etc.

    Actually, Jen, my brother's dr. told him to eat
    mashed potatoes when he had a bad stomach
    flu. So, I guess it is not the same thing. As
    far as I know, potatoes don't bother me.
    I get reactions from many nightshades, but not
    potatoes. Eating a bell pepper makes my face
    turn red and gives me a fuzzy head, etc.

    I DO want to see a naturopath so very much.
    I want to be tested for candidas and absorption,
    etc. Right now I am just so very overwhelmed
    with my problems.

    I also need to get a new gyn to monitor my
    blood filled ovarian cysts. My beloved GYN left!
    Just when I finally found a wonderful one. I am thinking that maybe this new dr. can do all of that. I don't
    want to wait though because I need a mammogram,
    etc. I am already overdo on that and I need to
    be more diligent because of my mother.

    I hope this answer's your questions, Jen.
    I should have opened another window!

    I need a GI
    I need a naturopath.
    I need a lyme dr.
    I need a new body!

    Lyme dr. is priority right now, but will
    see about GI problems right away too, if I can.
    I doubt I can get in with a GI soon.

  16. donna13210

    donna13210 Member

    Well, I'm going to start calling you "Braveheart" since you had the nerve to bring up THIS subject! LOL

    A few things to think about, for what they're worth:

    - How long have you been on Prevacid? When I recently doubled my daily dose of same I developed terrible cramping
    increased frequency and urgency of BM's. I thought I had developed IBS...never connected it with the Prevacid because I had not had any side effects before. A friend of mine mentioned that her Prevacid gives her bad bowel problems. Well, lightbulb goes on above my head! I cut back on the Prevacid and the cramping is gone and frequency is reduced. Perhaps a different med may help?

    - You and some others mentioned that most of your bowel problems start in the early evening. Do you really think it's related to the "dinner meal" or is just a timing thing from what you've eaten during the day? I don't know enough about digestion to make an informed guess. (I've read that food can stay in our intestines up to three days?) Can one really take a few bites or eat one meal and have to get rid of that food IMMEDIATELY? That seems so fast. Or are you actually "disposing of" what you ate for breakfast? I sure don't know. Big help, aren't I?

    - A co-worker also had her gallbladder removed, and she says she has to RUN to the restroom if she eats anything spicy, fatty or greasy. But she didn't say how long the reaction takes. Minutes? A day?

    - The mucous concerns me, as others here have said. Have you done any research on diverticulitis?

    Wish I could be more help. This must be terrible for you. I can't believe you (and others) go through this every day!

    Take care
  17. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    LOL!!! You're funny!!! Your first line is also humorous to me because I frequently "bring things" up. I will take
    one end at a time on the message board! I promise.

    I take 30mg Prevacid daily. What was your dosage,
    do you remember?? I think I have been taking it
    for about three years.

    No, I am definitely not getting rid of the current
    meal. Anything we eat just stimulates the
    nerve, maybe vagus? I don't remember.
    I can make myself go to the bathroom just
    by chewing one tums or taking one of my meds.
    Yes, I read that food does stay in you for days!
    Frankly, I seem to be an endless source and can't
    believe it never ends! LOL Of course, our digestive
    tract is very very long! Too bad they don't use
    humans for fertilizer. I could probably earn a decent
    living that way!

    I've been wondering about changing the Prevacid, too.
    My gallbladder GI told me to take it and I did but then
    I stopped. However, I then had more problems so
    I got more from my FMS dr. Can you believe I just
    called the auto refill line at a pharmacy (I love to
    do that when trying to stretch out the time between
    my useless visits) and my FMS dr. gave me 12 refills
    for Prevacid. Also, 5 refills for xanax, zanaflex and
    zoloft. I was quite the happy little camper over that

    My mother takes Nexium. Did I already say that?
    Can't remember.

    I am quite happy right now since I took the immodium.
    It, of course says not to take it if you have diarhhea
    for more than 2 days! PUHLEAZE. Also, not if
    you have mucous. I have always thought that
    mucous was a bad sign, but evey time I look things
    up they don't act like it is that bad. Believe you me,
    I have a very long, probably 20 page article all about
    anything and everything you would ever want to know
    about diarrhea! LOL

    I am really getting tired of looking up health topics.
    It gets old!!!

    Thanks for your help, Donna.

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  18. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    From the IBS FAQ by Laura Zurawski
    Dr. Anthony Lembo

    Notice number 6 - wouldn't it have been
    funny it it had been number 2?

    "Because there is no diagnostic marker associated with IBS, the diagnosis is one of exclusion and is based on symptoms. Manning and his colleagues were the first to report six symptoms which differentiated IBS from other gastrointestinal diseases. The six 'Manning Criteria' are as follows: 1) relief of abdominal pain with defecation, 2) looser stools with the onset of pain, 3) more frequent bowel movements at onset of pain, 4) abdominal bloating or distention, 5) feelings of incomplete evacuation, and 6) passage of mucus per rectum. In general the more 'Manning Criteria' present the more likely it is that a patient has IBS. While the 'Manning Criteria' are helpful in diagnosing IBS a consensus meeting in Rome, Italy recently further refined these criteria (see 2a). In addition, since many other gastrointestinal diseases can present with similar symptoms, a diagnosis of IBS should only be made in the right clinical setting. "

  19. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    Here in Canada I was able to have skin testing for allergies for free and it wasn't a big deal to get a referral to an allergy specialist, esp since I have a history of asthma and excema. A lot of things came up.

    Add getting that done to your long list, dahling! lol! We aren't always aware of what foods our body is reacting to, so many subtle symptoms. Or not so subtle in the case of diarrhea. Which may or may not have anything to do with your diarrhea.

    Have you tried an elimination diet? It's a lot of work, though. I don't know how people who are really sick and very fatigued are supposed to have really specialized diet plans...

    Since you get reactions to other plants in the nightshade family such as bell pepper, I would seriously consider suspecting potatoes as irritating your digestive lining. Hopefully not, cause they are so yummy and are everywhere. I try to avoid them and it's tough...

    I understand that you are very overwhelmed with your myriad of medical problems.

    But...have you considered not eating wheat or grains containing gluten? I wonder if that would help.

    Or maybe I am on the wrong track, I don't know....But, if you are going to the bathroom that much, I would think you must be losing a number of important nutrients due to short transit time.

    With all the things you have to deal with, what do you do for fun? must be rough...

    I don't have as many physical problems as you do and my life is pretty limited and boring sometimes. AT least I've gone rollerblading 3 times - in my dreams, lol! funny, eh for something I've never tried for real? Maybe one day I will try it in real life. I keep planning to, but haven't managed to get out to a place that rents rollerblades and gives lessons yet. Would be a lot of effort for probably about 10 minutes of blading.

    Until recently I started getting concerned too about what if i fell...with my low activity level and slight frame I started to worry about osteopenia. but i had a fall recently and nothing snapped and my recent neck and shoulder xrays look okay, except maybe a bit of my clavicle, so that's one less worry.

    Ovarian cysts, eh...I guess you must get severe abdominal pain at times?

    Hope you make it to the hot tub again soon.


  20. marykello4

    marykello4 New Member

    Have you taken nulev? I have been taken it for about 2 yrs. Not much help. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for any help, Mary