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  1. sparrowshell

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    Hi Friends,

    I have CFS, and at the moment I'm just undergoing something called Bowen Therapy. Has anyone else tried this and, if so, how did affect/help you?

    Looking forward to hearing some responses out there!
    Blessings to you all!
  2. kerrymygirl

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    I was part of a research project for the Bowen Treatment. Also worked with Doc,a she, at Clinic. The Bowen treat. was sort of a fluke. Bowen, I have his his story but have not hardly slept in wks. So bare with me. It is to retune your body and autonomic nervous system,also to help increase your energy. This was the easiest and least invasive test I was ever in. My 3rd. session they ran over occipital nerve region,caused me a cluster headache from hell. I was so afraid to go back but I did,it was my 1st day free of headache, if anyone knows anything about cluster headache it is called the suicide headache, no pain known worse to man.
    Now the GOOD NEWS my 4th visit I got energy I had not found in alooong time. I was on a moniter my energy level from when I came in was below 1,000,when I left 40 min. later it was over 3500. I saw the read. It was a high tech heart mach. Not only that it lasted longer than anything I have done diet,herbal etc. That was my last visit. People said they heard and saw a new me, actually it was the silly old me. I was not cured but grateful, that was the last time I have felt that way, with all the herbs,meds,diet.,etc. I just can not afford it now. The others in program I knew got a headache,not like mine, but did feel better.( So we requested not to roll over ocipital nerve area.) If you can afford, it certainly is worth the try. One gal went hiking after. I did not get that well, but I have alot of other illnesses. Good Luck&Keep in touch,ok.
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    What is Bowen Therapy? When I hear about something that is supposed to help with energy and headaches, I'd like to know more! Who does this and what do they do?

  4. kerrymygirl

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    You go in to quiet room and are asked to listen and relax, then they gently roll over certain areas of bod. Front,then roll over relax again another 5-10 min. Then they come back and roll over certain area`s on opposite side. I have all info on this Bownen dude and how it came about many yrs. ago. Just can`t remember now, whats knew? I was a sceptic so were my friends in study, yet it helped us all. I had the longest relief than anything, includind accupunture,& p.t. I would say it has some merit they are trying to teach people in U.S. From clinical lab here in fl. just having problems with funding. I would have liked to keep up if I would not have ran out of $$$. Some areas of Europe,Belgium and other countries use it quite a bit for yrs. now. They feel our bodies are out of tune like a fine violin and this helps to give us a tune up. Thank God they did not check my oil>>lol.. Maybe should have asked for a few new spark plugs to keep me going...
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    I appreciate the info, Kerrymygirl. Yes, there are a lot of therapies I would like to try, but they all cost lots of $$$ -- something I don't have! Maybe one of these days...

    Michelle, please keep us posted on your results. I hope you have success with it.