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    Thank you all for responding. There were so many who did and... yes, I am new and I guess I have offended a few people. I apologize and hope that you understand that my intention is only to help people like myself who have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed a year ago, after suffering several years of pain first. I was also diagnosed with MS (which Bowen has not cured). In case you find this odd too, it is not uncommon for MS patients to have Fibromyalgia as well and I am a patient of Dr. R. Philip Kinkel of the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA, if you need to confirm this. If some of you find Bowen "odd", please read all the replies to my email. I guess I am not the only one who has had success. As I said, it seemed like a krazy procedure to me when I was having it done, but it worked and I only wish for others who suffer to feel the same relief. I "can" talk from experience and that is what I did.

    As far as cost, it cost me $70.00 a session and worth every penny I spent to have no pain. My insurance did not cover it, nor does it cover message therapy, accupunture, chiropractic, etc. which I believe many patients have tried for relief of Fibromyalgia. I hope that this will change one day. I did not know that Medicare covers this. That is wonderful! I have six children (4 step children and 2 daughters). I really do not have the money for this, but had to work this into my budget and I am not sorry that I did. Your health is everything!

    I went four times (only needed two), but continued my therapy because I had lower back pain from a car accident, and this also worked to completely rid me of the pain. I plan on going every several months (not that I have to) just to maintain my overall health. It does help with some of the symptoms of MS as well.

    The woman who performed my Bowen is an LPN and Massage Therapist. She does practice Reiki, but did not say that it was the same as Bowen. I will have to ask her about that. She will be certified in January along with 10 other therapists in this area. I guess the Board of Certification will only make the trip into a particular part of the country if there are at least 10 Therapists who are to be certified.

    Good luck to all! I only hope and pray that this therapy will work for you too.
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    Hi I have heard of Bowenwork before but never known anyone who tried it. I have seen it mentioned in books about Fibro that talk about alternative methods of healing.

    Your comments encouraged me to look up more information on the internet. So far I haven't found someone who practices this in my rural area of Southern Ontario but I am interested enough to keep looking.

    I did see one about 45 minutes drive way that looks like she practices on animals....Maybe she could direct me.

    Can you help me understand how Bowenwork is different than a massage?

    I have had more results from alternative treatments like chiropractic, naturopaths and am currently visiting a herbalist, then I have from medical doctors. Unfortunately I can only afford to try one thing at a time as I am on disability.

    Anyway thank you for offering to this board what worked for you.

    hugs Redwillow
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    No offense taken here. No need to apologize for your willingness to share information. Just another THANK YOU for sharing something, non-invasive, no-known side effects, and not contra-indicated with other therapies:).

    I've read of MANY people helped by this technique and will likely try it myself one day. Often, we need to hear a message over and over, before we actually consider its' validity. (Thats' why companies pay the big bucks for advertisement).

    At $70 is almost affordable. $70 a pop is small potatoes compared to many things I've tried.
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    I think it would be worth a trip or two to at least give it a try. It has changed my life. I am not sure it works for everyone, but it did for me. Any form of treatment or therapy is going to be a gamble, but hopefully this one will turn out to be beneficial.

    The procedure is non-invasive. You lay on a table and the therapist puts her hands on certain areas of your body, such as joints, lower back, legs, neck, etc. She moves the tissue over muscle area and then leaves the room for several minutes while you rest. She will do this back and forth for about 45 mins to an hour. The procedure for my joint pain in my shoulder/arm area was done sitting in a chair and I had immediate results with that.

    Unfortunately, because it is relatively new in the U.S., there are not many Therapist who practice Bowen.

    good luck and I hope you give it a try.
  5. jbugdance

    jbugdance New Member

    I hope you give it a try. Any therapy that we try is going to be a gamble. I just pray that it works for you.
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    That Bowen sounds crazy to me. As you say, however, different things work for different people.

    See my profile for a "crazy" tretment that helps me.

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