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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shell, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. shell

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    It is amazing. I have been to the UROLOGIST, OBGYN, ER and referred to 5 doctors. I have PILLS PILLS PILLS boxes and bottles. They are just handing them out right and left. ANTIBIOTICS, ANTI INFLAMMATORIES, anti Despressants!!!! ETC ETC. I could not possibly even let myself take that many pills at once. I now have

    22 boxes of allegra (and unfilled prescription)
    7 boxes of BExtra (and unfilled prescription)
    2 boxes of lexapro (and unfilled prescription)
    etc etc
    + 5 antibiotics I actually took.

    The thing is I am just getting handed anti depressants and some other meds by docs that have done no tests on me - do not know me - met them once!!! Do I donate this to a medical recycle bin :) :) :) Lately I have just started refusing the stuff!!! Just say NO ! :)

    The only thing that I am really counting on is my VITAMINS - all the good stuff!!
  2. LisaMay

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    It's amazing how quick the docs are to write out prescriptions. Sometimes I think it is out of habit! It sure tells you how someone can be an addict and have no problem getting the meds. Yet when we need them, we get grilled.

    I have quite the pharmacy under my sink as well. It's too bad we can't get a refund! Lisa
  3. amilyne

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    hi well for the almost first time i refused a scrip today too...i went to an urgent care doc to get something more for me face pain(my regualr doc has been "burned" in the past so i didnt bother with him,since the last time i went i had an appt and he refused to see me!!) from the dog bite,its only been 3 days) and he was going to give me at most ultracet and since i already have refills from an ultram scrip i told him no because i knew it wouldnt work and then gave me samples of vioxx..i told him fine theyre free but they wont work either...he refused to give me anything stronger but as much as i understand its so maddening..then i went back to the er and the doctor gave me the 3rd degree and wanted to give me vicodin but i am super sensitive to that--i get chills,a clammy feeling,and not to mention severe nausea and vomiting, so before he would give me any percocet-which is the only thing that works for me- he checked my record to see how many times id been there for pain meds...let me tell you--lol..i went off on a tangent on how unfair it is that because im young(22) that i get treated like a drug seeker..if i were older my history would have never been questioned in such a way...i work in a hospital and see people come in with "horrible pain" and these people are obvious drug seekers..they are on their call light every hour on the hour for their pain meds and then the rest of the time are outside smoking or gabbing with thier friends but when that hour comes up its the saddest sob story you ever heard..ugh..its so frustrating..then there are people like us that in most cases tylenol and advil do nothing for...the doctor today questioned how much pain i was in from my dog bites because they are healing well and all..he grabbed my face and was pressing on them and i freaked out i was shaking and crying so hard that he just gave me such a disdainful i was faking venting can you tell.hes like "you shouldnt be in this much pain, maybe we should do blood tests"..and i said "ya well i shoudnt have fibromyalgia either and id much rather be able to go to the gas station up the street and get tylenol but noooo i have to waste money and not to mention lots of time coming here just to be ridiculed and treated like a druggie and bad person so that i can feel better"...arghhhhh..anyways ill shut up now thanks for listening...doctors should be called dictators.
  4. dlizard

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    ditto..... need I say more????? Good luck
  5. pam_d

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    I think so many doctors we see haven't a clue what to do with us! They just know we are hurting. And especially when we see specialists, they are "fixing the broken part", i.e. a urologist for interstitial cystitis, without seeing the whole picture---how FMers tend toward IBS, cystitis, gyn. problems, depression, etc. I know about the boxes of samples & unfilled prescriptions! I've had company & a busy holiday, but I will e-mail you & fill you in on my FM allergy stuff in KC (this doc also tests & treats thyroid problems, toxicity, all stuff that seems to be common in FM patients).

    Take care,
  6. amilyne

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    oh yeah i finally did get the meds a whole 12 of them but hey..not great but better than nothing...arghhh.i hate most dictors...oops i was going to change that but i think its fitting so ill leave it lol .
  7. Annette2

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    My husband gave me a beautiful little pill box a few years ago! It's so pretty. I get so tired of taking pills, vitamins, supplements....the list goes on and on and on....

    You really should look at these meds and see what the expiration dates are. I don't like keeping meds I don't take and that have expired. They are no good after a certain date. The way to get rid of them is to flush them down the toilet - don't just throw them in the garbage. Especially if you have kids it's not safe.

    Could you imagine if we all got together? We would have millions of pills!!!!

  8. ssMarilyn

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    Doctors hand out the anti-depressants when they can't figure out what's wrong with you. It's their way of getting you out of their hair and/or shutting you up. Don't fill the prescriptions unless it's for something urgent, like an infection, etc... Or do what I do and just say "no thanks", to the anti-depressants. They need to have it on record that you refused this pill or else your records will make it look like you are a hypocondriac!

    Marilyn :)