Boy Howdy, Diane, what a mess

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GreenOnions, Nov 21, 2008.

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    I reckon as it's time to start a new thread. I'm a havin trouble loadin the old thread. So, while we was cleanin up all the spilled honey offen the floor this mornin, Henry convinced me it was time fer a new thread.

    I hope this makes it easier fer you, Granny. That ain't any of my kitties in my profile, Granny. That's a picture that my son Henry sent me in an email. It's from someplace called I ain't never been there, but Henry likes it a lot.

    And I figgered you'd know what I meant, Kevin. Yeah, Henry got hisself unknotted after awhile. And Diane writes a durned good poem. I spent some time out in the barn this mornin, a workin on the frame fer it. I reckon it'll be done by Sunday.

    Rachel made it in just fine, Diane. She got in just in time to hear Henry give out a yell. I looked in on im afore I went out to the barn, and he was sleepin sound, with nothin on im. And KK was with me out in the barn the whole time. I reckon one a the other kitties musta been by after I looked in. He woke up with three dead house centipedes a layin on his chest.

    After Henry had his breakfast, he managed to drop and break the honey jar I had on the shelf next to the refrigerator.

    Now I got little furry rockets a racin around the house, cause when the jar broke, it splashed honey on all the kitties.

    It's takin a bit to write this, acause Hercules keeps a steppin on my head. He's a jumpin from the toppa the bookshelf to the floor, and I reckon he figgers it's safer to do it by way a my head.

    Jerry, gettin a headache fer some reason.

    PS: I'm a gettin logged out when I try to post again.

    PPS: They was just a lotta real loud thumps from upstairs, soundin like somethin heavy. Seems as KK rolled Rachel's bowlin ball out to the stairs, and pushed it over em.
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  2. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Yup, the headache was from Hercules a steppin on my head. Once or twice ain't no problem, but he kept on a doin it about nine times. He was all sugared up, I reckon. He's a crashin now. They all are. It's right funny to watch. A feller'd think somebody tooked a club to em all. They's all just a layin around like they was knocked out.

    I'm not a gonna be surprised iffen Henry closes his door tonight. Rachel surely plans to, just as soon's she makes sure the vent is locked closed.

    Ain't no honey on the ceilin, no, but at some point I'm a gonna have to get a piece a toast outta the light fixture in the kitchen. I don't know, I use that toaster just about every day, and it ain't never sprung so high before.

    Ain't no harm done by the bowlin ball, exceptin to dent my stairs a mite. Rachel's real sorry she fergot to put her ball away.

    Well, reckon as I've rambled on a mite.
    Jerry, with what looks like a furry St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
  3. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I reckon as it's up to Henry, iffen he wants to lock it closed or not. I ain't a gonna tell him what to do.

    I got the toast outta the light fixture. I ain't got no idea how he managed to get it there. It ain't buttered.

    I think maybe KK is a havin kitten dreams. He's a paw pawing Socky, and suckin on it.

    Is Heather a gettin petted enough?

    I looked at yer profile picture this mornin. Ya made me spit coffee on Bob again. He's a startin to get annoyed with you.

    Jerry, watchin KK dream

    PS: KK's awake, and beatin up on Socky again. He's a puttin on a show fer Rachel.
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  4. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    But it ain't snowin over to Ted and Mary's place. Our power went out fer maybe five minutes, about 15 minutes ago. Weren't a problem fer me, seein as Henry put somethin called an UPS on my system. And I can always go out and start the generator, iffen I need to. I got it workin again.

    I reckon I'll leave it up to Rachel to tell Henry about the vents. Iffen I tell him, I might just get hit with a fryin pan.

    Bob keeps mutterin somethin about "findin that woman an givin her what-fer." Yer makin it hazardous fer him to be in his favorite place on a cold mornin.

    Yup, KK is up, and puttin on a show fer Rachel. He done killed Socky, and dropped him on Rachel's foot. Now, he's a givin hisself rubbies on her toes.

    So, did ya spit tea?
    Jerry, watchin Rachel jump cause KK licked her toe.
  5. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I just looked at yer profile, and saw the new picture. The good news is, I didn't spit coffee on Bob. A course, Rachel wants to talk to ya now, seein as ya made me spit coffee on her.

    I'm a gonna break a rule, and let Rachel and Henry make supper. I'm a gonna go watch, so I can see just how Henry does some a the things he does.

    Iffen Henry don't create a big mess, I reckon I'll be on later. Iffen he does, I reckon I'll be busy cleanin.

    Best to tell ya to have a good weekend.
    Jerry, a wonderin iffen this is a mistake.

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    for starting up a new thread. The other one was just not moving at least for me.

    Diane - what a cute picture of your kitty waiting for her prints to come. Now that was to cute Diane for you to think of that.

    I am still trying to figure out and picture that mess with honey all over and toast on the ceiling or in the light fixture. That has got to be one funny picture and a big mess also to try and clean up with those kitties skootin around and probably eating and licking as much as they can - what a sugar high (-: !!

    Jerry, did you say that you were going to have people over (not sure if that was for Thanksgiving) or before that. Now that should be interesting with all those kitties and how both will react to each other (both the kitties and the people). As we all know that KK is definately NOT a shy little fella (-: ! I will be interested to hear how that all turns out, Thanksgiving and or al your company.

    I can't imagine Henry out there sleeping with those centipeds on his chest - to funny !

    Diane - you said you will be using your snow blower tomorrow. How much snow do you have?? I come from NY (Long Island) years ago, was born there and am glad that I do not have to do anything with snow any more. Yes, it is very pretty when it first falls out of the sky but after a bunch falls and freezes and you have to shovel it, get it off your car, etc. etc. I am glad we don't have much , if any, snow here in TX. Sorry, I have been gone most of the day and haven't had much time to read posts but hopefully now I can read more of them since Jerry started a new thread. Cold just not work well with my body or is that visa versa?? How do your kitties like the snow ??

    Every time I read both of your posts it just makes me giggle so hard at times. Yes, Diane I can imagine you spitting tea also (-: !!

    Well, I gotta go and start fixing supper. Will try and check back with y'all later on and all those funny kittie stories.

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  7. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Yup, I got my kids comin in fer Thanksgiving. My youngest, Henry, got in Thursday mornin. Rachel, my next to oldest, got in yesterday mornin. Becky and her boys got in this mornin. My oldest boy and his family had a change a plans, and is a comin in tomorrow.

    Hope ya have a right good weekend, Granny.
  8. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Boy Howdy, let me tell ya, I am plain tuckered. Becky and the boys got here around 4:30 this mornin, and I been up ever since.

    It's been a mite busy here, with the kitties and the kinfolk.

    Henry managed to spill a glass a milk on Becky's oldest boy, poured melted butter on KK's read end, and knocked over the bucket a water Becky was usin to mop up the spilled milk. So we got some wet kitties who ain't none too happy with Henry right now.

    Things are a mite quieter, at the moment. Becky's in the kitchen, makin lunch.

    Well, they was quieter, anyways. KK just tore through here, a trailin Socky, and about 12 links a sausage behind im, and Becky a yellin in the kitchen. I'd best go rescue lunch.

    Y'all have a real good weekend, Diane.
    Jerry, sausage hunter
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane -Boy, it surely sounds cold out there where you live. It has been cold (not as cold as you by a long shot) but has gotten a little warmer today. I think it is in the high 60's or so. How nice for your neighbor to do some snow blowing for you. That was a wonderfully kind thing for him to do. Sounds like you have some nice neighbors.

    Sounds like you will have a nice quiet Thanksgiving planned. That is good to and glad that you will go and visit your hubby's mom in WV. Hope the weather clears up a biat by then so you have safe travel. Who will take care of your kitties, etc.?

    We will be going to see our son and family in Houston on Thanksgiving and our yougest daughter and husband and son wil come here on wednesday evening. We will not have to worry about snow though (-: !!

    I love being able to see everyone's pics but I know that we have not been able to post pics on the newest Board till a few days ago and some have had problems. I have not even tried yet. I had enough trouble on the old board-good grief I am such a techie (-: !! I'll get brave later on. I love your newest pic with your doggies probably walking away from the car and the vets office.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that JERRY has fun with his kids and all those kitties. That place is never quiet is it??? I'm still imagining KK running away with the links of sausage, and toast up in the ceiling (light fixture), and honey all over.. That kittie ( and crew) are never boring. I think he may have ADD or ADHD. I wonder if JERRY has any drugs in the house that will tire him out (-: ! Somehow I doubt that.

    I'll be back later when I am in need of some laughs. All your kitties (and doggies) are just cracking me up. Stay warm with all your snow everyone !!

    TTY ALL Later on.

  10. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I'm a workin on responses, but I'm a havin to write em out longhand in my tablet, then I'll type em in when I can beat a young un to the computer.

    Reckon I'll be back in a bit.
  11. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Reckon I'll start with Kevin, seein as how his post is the first one since my last one.

    Accordin to Becky, she got the sausage outta the refrigerator, and when she turned aroud to head to the stove, KK come a runnin through, jumped up, grabbed the one hangin lowest, and kept on a goin. It surprised her so much she dropped em.

    We pretty much lost them 12 links. Bob pounced on the line a sausages, and snagged hisself three a them. The he took off a runnin in a different direction. Well, one a the kids went to chanse after Bob, but ran smack dab into one a the other kids, which ended up with both a them a sittin on their butts in the hallway, blockin the way fer the rest a us. KK headed up the stairs, with Hercules, Samson, and Big Al in close pursuit. Big Al made his move about halfway up the stairs, a comin outta it with two links. Then he was off in another direction.

    We got past the kids, and started up the stairs after them, with someone goin after Bob, and someone else goin after Big Al.

    Samson pounced next, and came outta it with one sausage. Hercules was right behind im, and got two. By the time we got em all, Samson had finished all a his, Bob had finished all but a quarter a one, Hercules had finished one and a half, Big Al finished all a his, and KK got down all a his.

    And that's the Tale a KK and the Sausages.
    Jerry, holdin off a young un what wants to play a game.
  12. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Howdy, Granni. Sure hope yer havin yerself a great Thanksgiving week. It's been a real busy weekend, and mosta the kitties ain't used to havin lotsa people around. Bob seems to remember it, and Samson was still a youngun when Rachel left, and Big Al was almost still a kitten when Henry moved out.

    Jerry, a fightin off the slaverin hordes a kiddies.

    PS: Diane, I'm a doin yer response last, acause it's the longest.
  13. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I mean to tell ya, Diane, it's been right busy this weekend.

    KK woke me up this mornin right about 3:00. He's woke me up early afore, but never like this. This mornin, he woke me up by droppin a dead spider on the pillow a the youngest granddaughter. I warned the daughter in law about lockin the vent closed, and keepin the door closed. But one a the kids got up to go to the bathroom, and left the door open when they went back to bed.

    The granddaughter has fergiven KK, I reckon. She woke up with KK a sleepin curled up next to her on the pillow. She's been a totin the poor feller around all day. He seems to be puttin up with it pretty good, but I reckon he's a missin his chance to raise heck. We'll see shortly, acause the daughter in law just per er down fer her nap.

    Yep, looks like he was a missin his chance to raise heck. He made a beeline fer the kitchen, just as Rachel was a lookin to have a snack. He landed right in the middle a the leftover pizza from lunch. I do love Rachel dearly, but she ain't always the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Not really, I'm just joshin ya. She's a real bright girl. She was just expectin that KK would be a nappin with Bethany. Now we gots to catch a KK who's all slippery with sauce.

    Well, we caught his squeaky butt, and Rachel gave him a bath, and blow dried him. He's a lookin all fluffy again. Reckon it'll last? Naw, me neither.

    Henry's been helpin keep things interestin. So far today, he's busted the other door on his wardrobe, poured milk on one a the younguns by turnin around to say somethin while he was pourun hisself a glass a milk, slipped and landed his butt on the finger paintin one a the younguns was doin, and blew the fuse in the laundry room.

    Well, KK just took through here with what looked like chipped ham in his mouth. Reckon it's time to go chase his squeaky butt down.
    Jerry, who don't want no peanut butter in his keyboard, thank ya kindly.
  14. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    KK's fat little tuckus is up to five pounds. I reckon that iffen he didn't run pretty much all the time, he'd be about ten pounds.

    Well, I got another one fer ya. Henry sat down with a bowl a Cheerios at the kitchen table. Well, he know's he's a mite accident prone. So, he goes to get up, and get hisself a spoon. Just to be extra safe, he pushede his bowl back about a foot or so. Right into KK landin territory. Just as KK is a sailin through the air. KK lands on the near lip a the bowl, and it's kinda like the banana pudding all over. KK and Henry both end up covered with Cheerios and milk.

    So, KK is gettin a bath. Again. He's a mite put out by the unfairness of it all, I mean to tell ya.

    Henry's in the bath out in the barn, a gettin a shower. After that, he's a gonna clean out my keyboard. It's full a peanut butter and jelly. Right now, I'm usin an old one Henry had under his bed fer some reason.

    Have a good evenin, iffen I ain't able to get back on.
    Jerry, listenin to KK squawk all the way in the kitchen, with Bob on my lap, makin my legs numb.
  15. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    The daughter in law wants to know why ya made me spit root beer on Bethany this mornin. At first, she was a gonna give me what fer, and I explained that it were yer fault, fer puttin up such a funny picture in yer profile.

    Poor KK's had more baths since Henry got here than he had in all his born days afore Henry got here.

    There's an uproar outside, I best go find out what's a goin on.

    I'm back. Henry just drove the tractor into the pond, so we been out pullin it out. He was a pullin a wagon with the kids in it, givin em a hayride, and when he got close to the pond, instead a hittin the brake and turnin around, he hit the gas by accident. Tain't nobody hurt, and there weren't much chance a anybody bein hurt, seein as the pond ain't but four foot deep at the deepest point, and the whole thing ain't no more n 30 foot across. The bed a the wagon he was pullin is five foot high, so everybody woulda been dry even iffen the tractor hadn't got stuck afore the wagon got into the water.

    I come back in to find out we got furry rockets a racin all over the place again. Bethany was eatin peanut butter n brown sugar, and fed a couple a spoonfuls a brown sugar to eat kitty.

    Reckon I'd best go check on Walter, see iffen he's got the tractor runnin again.
    Jerry, with a blur I think is KK a runnin around the office in circles.
  16. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    But ya might have a bit a trouble with the daughter in law, seein as ya just made me spit coffee on her.

    All the kitties is a crashin right now. KK is a layin on Socky on my lap. He almost lost Socky. The daughter in law washed him, and put him in with Rachel's laundry, but KK went to the laundry basket with the folded clothes, and unfolded em until he found Socky.

    Walter got the tractor a runnin, so I reckon I don't got to beat Henry with a socket wrench.

    I'm a gonna get a snack, seein as I missed lunch.
    Jerry, with a growlin belly that just woke KK up. Socky's still sleepin, though.
  17. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    KK lost track a him when Bethany picked him up and carried him all over the place yesterday.

    KK woke me up this mornin at 4:30, acause he wanted his percolator turned on. When the daughter in law showed up Sunday, she had the coffeemaker set up first thing. She didn't use the percolator fer KK yesterday, so this mornin I went down and got the percolator on afore anyone else was up. Me n KK sat there and had a nice hot cup a coffee. KK likes to lay right up againt my cup on mornins like today. I reckon he likes the warmth.

    Henry is out with Walter and Rachel. He's cleanin the tractor, and Walter's a keepin an eye on im, fer to see he don't break nothin. Rachel's just hoverin around Walter. Rachel told me this mornin she's a gonna tell everyone they's datin this evenin. Like they's a one a us what don't already know that.

    Bet yer kitchen smells real nice. I'm right partial to cranberry sauce, myself. Brenda never did like it too much.

    I reckon it's just about tim eto tickle KK's belly, since he's a layin on his back in my lap.
    Jerry, a ticklin away.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Jerry, (and Diane too)

    Can't believe that Bethany was feeding those kitties brown sugar. I am surprised they went to sleep or was that after they tore the placae up?? Gee, Bethany eating brown sugar and peanut butter. That sounds a little strange to me but I guee she likes it. What about the kitties. I know they like the sugar !!

    OMG, I can't believe that Henry drove the tractor into the pond or lake. Glad no one was hurt though and hope there was no trouble getting your tractor started again !

    Poor KK, I can imagine him and having to take all those baths. I remember when we had a littie many years ago we tried to give our kitty a bath and it was not pretty. Not sure if she ever had another one after that one. I guess KK seems to like it (-: !! or I hope he does anyway having to take so many of them.

    My youngest daughter, husband and 4 year old come tomorrow evening so that will be interesting. It will be interesting enough with our slight - moderately autistic grandson. A kitty or two would be an interesting addition for sure. Wow your house is NEVER a quiet one !!

    Will have lots to do tomorrow so not sure how much checking I will get to do on the puter. Hope you and your family, Diane and Ken and everyone else has a wonderful and HappyThanksgiving.

    I am guessing Socky is like KK's blanket made out of sock. Is that correct ? It is so funny when they are missing it is a crisis - and the HUNT is ON !!

    Hugs and blessings to you all,

  19. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Well, I reckon KK musta liked our time alone yesterday, acause he woke me up at 4:30 again today. We made coffee in the percolator, and sat and enjoyed some mornin time together.

    Then Bethany come down, a carryin Hercules by the middle, and I made pancakes fer me and her and KK and Hercules. Then I set her down in fronta the TV with a Barney DVD in, and went and did my mornin chores, stokin the furnace, stokin the Ben Franklins, washin the breakfast dishes, that kinda thing.

    Even when Henry got up and had breakfast, it was a quiet mornin. Weren't no accidents, the kitties didn't get into any trouble, everything was nice n quiet.

    Then one a the older kids told Bethany what we was a gonna do to Tom Turkey. You ain't never heard such screamin and cryin in all yer born days. It upset her so much, I pardoned old Tom, and sent Rachel, Walter, and Henry into Wheeling to get a frozen turkey. I ain't got no idea how she does it, but critters love Bethany. Old Tom is a mean tempered grump, but he follows Bethany around, eats outta her hand, bein real careful he don't peck her hand, that kinda thing. Somethin tells me I done seen the last fresh turkey dinner I'm likely to see.

    Jerry, with KK and Socky, a watchin Bethany pet Tom.
  20. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Well, I was a tellin Ted what happened, and he offered a fresh turkey from his place. He brung us a dressed turkey just a few minutes ago. So I reckon when the kids get back with the frozen turkey, we'll stick it in one a the freezers, and maybe have it fer Christmas Dinner with Becky and the boys.

    KK just tore through here, with Big Al hot on his trail. They just dumped the daughter in law on her butt.

    Reckon I best go give her a hand.
    Jerry, with Bob a sleepin on the monitor.

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