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    I had sugery in Jan for a tore achilles tendon. I tore both will have sugery again in late spring to have other done. Any way I got some pain med from him when I left the hospital. They gave it too DH and he went to have it filled and didn't think nothing of it. Well I went to my FD and he goes they are asking about all the pain meds. I told him what the other put me on when I came home so he knew but didn't know it would send a flag up. It did. Any way I had to call they and tell them why and every thing is fine now I hope. So Please don't let another dr give you pain med when you have one that does so already. It will save you time and not get any one in trouble. I thank God every day for my good FD.

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    thing when I hurt my shoulder in Jan. The ER doc was going to give me vicodin for pain, and at the last second, I remembered I was already on it from the rheumy.

    I could tell he was glad I told him that.

    We just have too much on our minds sometimes. Glad it's all worked out now for you.

  3. NyroFan

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    Good luck to you.


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