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    In another post, you stated,

    "there's a well-regarded clinic in my town who make a line of supplements that work almost exactly in sync with the 'reynolds hypothesis.' they have a body detox product made from oligopolysacarides, glycoproteins, phospholids, NAC, vitamin C and number of other ingredients that bind and eliminate toxins. it's made using a microfermentation process so that everything is small enough to pass the blood brain barrier! their description of how the stuff works is very much in line with the information you've put forth".

    Can you tell me what that clinic name is and where they are located? Inquiring minds want to know. Sounds like they have their own verson of Amrotose or Glyconutrients.
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    it's the lifeworks wellness center in clearwater. you can look them up on the web. the product line is called bodyhealth. i was going to schedule an appointment but i figured the first thing they would do is put me on their products so i bought the products first. i'm going to see how they work then possibly follow up with an appointment.

    i'll copy this to mike's thread for the benefit of all.

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    Good to know. Thanks, will look into ordering also.