BPPV (Bilateral Vertigo) and Meniere's

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    I am wanting to see if all my symptoms are connected to bppv and meniere's disease. I have had a nuero surgeon for several years, but he is not very pleasant to talk to. Also, does anyone know of a good nuero surgeon that specializes in vestibular conditions in Nashville, TN?
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    I'm not in TN, but I did have Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). My general doctor did tests to ascertain that I had it (which have you laying down and include manuerving the head into certain positions which the eyes into that crazy rolling motion). Once he put me into the positions and my eyes rolled like crazy, he confirmed I had BVVP, was able to get the insurance carrier to refer me to a special person in the one hospital ortho rehab who does BVVP (just a few in the rehabs do BVVP). It only took one visit.

    She put a helmit on me that had a camera to film my eyes and she could see on a screen when she laid me flat and then moved my head into different positions and each positioni I would go into that crazy eye rolling caused by BVVP. She then had to do other different positions to reset the part of the extreme inner ear that had moved (and caused the BVVP) back into it's setting.

    Afterwards, I was nausas with a slight headache for about 20 minutes and she had me lay down with ice packs under my neck, and on my head and that helped. She said that some people vomit.

    Some neurologists can do the BVVP evaluation and treatment, but I wanted to let you know about what I experienced so you knew what was out there. Goo luck and many hugs.
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    I was diagnosed by my Neurologist, and he gave me exercises to combat it. Not very pleasant to have, but with the exercises, I recovered completely in a few weeks.

    You just have to find out which ear has been effected, and then the exercises are designed for you to work on that ear.

    You can google BPPV and see the exercises. Very simple, and easy to do. Good luck.