braggs amino acid spray, weird incident and question

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    ok this is an example of the sort of stuff that happens to me too frequently cus of my dishevelled state
    so, I had discovered that I seemed to benefit mildly from putting braggs liquid aminos on my salads and then i decided to just spray it into my mouth a couple times a day to get the nutrients and that seemd to be going well until about a week or so ago i accidentally sprayed it right into my lungs, was scary cus for a few secs felt like i wasnt going to be able to breathe or get it all out, i coughed as much out as i could for awhile and then my lungs felt irritated for a few days, really sore the first day, and since then had alittle sore throat that is getting better, and now have an aversion to that stuff.
    can one hurt their lungs by stunts like that? anything specific about that spray taht would be bad to get into the lungs?
    or am i goofy to even wonder?
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    thx kjm :)
    what is it about aspirating food tht can cause pneumonia? curious, also cus i choke easily esp. on stuff like oranges or carrots, soft foods are the easiest.

    man i am getting to sound like a granny, this is ridiculous, esp when yr self image is stuck in 1988.