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    Has anyone else seen the newspaper article (6 to 8 weeks old now) that the source of fibro has been found in the brain? Something about the amygdala (sp?) and dopamine and seratonin not working properly. The article concluded that it might turn out that a neurologist, instead of a rheumatologist, is the specialist people with fibro should see.

    Sorry I took so long to ask about this, but I've not been feeling good (to put it mildly) for a couple of weeks now. My rheumy referred me to a neurologist, who ordered a brain scan. I get the results tomorrow. On one hand, I can't wait to hear what it shows; on the other hand I'm scared to death. Has anyone else on the board seen a neurologist?

    Ginny B

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    Hi GinnyB,

    I have seen a neurologist and asked him if he knew if FM was Neurological or should my Rhuemy continue to treat me for it. He said if he could tell me definitively what caused FM, he could retire early. :) He said he doesn't know but he found no neurological issues with me.

    I hope you get news tomorrow that will lead to you feeling much better soon!

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    Thanks, Wendy. I am relieved that you had no neurological problems. Hope I'm as lucky. Guess you can't believe everything you read in the paper!

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    I think that you'll find that many if not most of us have seen a neurologist. It's still hard to find one that believes in fibromyalgia, at least I can't seem to get one to actually admit it, though I did have one tell me that I have it. Then he didn't tell me how to treat it. Since then have seen many Docs. some belive it's a subset of symptoms nad on and on and on blah blah blah. Good Luck Spacey
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    I had read a lot about the serotonin issue and FM- my dr put me on celexa (generic) and xanac - I had spent sooo much time being sick and in bed with fatique and pain. I am better by about 90 percent now- I only take motrin somtimes- if I overdo it. And I do have some better and worse days- still have foggy days tho- but almost all the pain is gone!
    I had given up, while I will never be the same as I was before, I have a life again and hope.. I would tell anyone to try this. Increasing the serotonin seemed to be the answer for me
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    I think it's most important to find a Dr. who is knowledgable and "UP" on the latest news, information and is willing to hang in there with you and treat your symptoms. Whether it's a rheumy, neurologist or GP, I don't think it matters.

    I'm lucky I guess, I've seen many Dr's and haven't had one that didn't believe in Fibro. I currently see a rheumatologist who spits on information on Fibro like I haven't had before. (I have previously been seen by my GP). He always gives me HOPE. THAT is more valuable that I can tell you. When I first saw him, he put his arm around my shoulder on the way out and said "we're not going to forget about you", meaning, there is a lot of research being done.

    Today I saw him and he said that he truly believes that they WILL find out what the heck is causing this mess we live with. It was a much longer conversation with examples of what he's seen since he started practicing medicine and different diseases, conditions etc. The bottom line is that he gives hope. I just asked that he don't give up on me. He assured me he wouldn't.

    I would hope that the neurologist that you're being referred to would know what the brain scan of a person w/Fibro would look like? I don't even know what differences is supposed to show. Do they do a special full brain scan??

    Let us know what the results say, I'd be curious to know!
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    I'd be interested in your results, I have 2 MRI's of my brain and both times the doctor has remarked that my brain appears to be much older that my actual age. Weird!

    Good Luck!