Brain Electrical Activity Mapping, or BEAM, dopamine, GABA, acety

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    Brain Electrical Activity Mapping, or BEAM, dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, hypothalmus. . . words I don't encounter on a daily basis, but, perhaps words that help comprise the key to healing.

    Thanks everyone for your posts! This board at least offers hope . . . that there are quantifiable bases to “our illness.”

    Rather than go into the personal details of “what I have” (illness seems too “terminal”), I would like to say two things: (1) I didn’t know what the word “chronic” meant until I acquired chronic fatigue syndrome! and (2) My foremost hope is that I am able to remain functional – to be able to meet the demands of society – to avoid being a burden to society. I've survived this condition for forty years, identifying which therapies and changes in my life would bring about the most effective improvement. Some concerned avoidance of certain activities (like staring at computer screens for over thirty minutes), the embrace of other activities (like deep breathing, taking a hot bath just before bedtime, and sighing and yawning (“Yes,” sighing and yawning, otherwise known as “toning”).

    Best regards to all,
  2. Gcoz

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    It's actually the basis of the treatment I'm undergoing right now, err, at least the results are. Interesting diagnostic tool.

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