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    Hi Everyone,

    Often when we are confronted with a letter that maybe we should write the fog takes over and we think "I don't even know how to start".

    There is a grass roots for a congressional action to take place that we so desperately need. The "Call for Congressional Action for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS" is a wonderful document written by very knowlegable people.

    This document was written so that we do not need to express all our needs. All you need to do to bring this to the attention of our congressional leaders is to write a short cover letter and then enclose this document. You will find where to get the document when you visit the Co-cure website. click on List Archives and look at the last 2 weeks of April for more information.

    On the 5th week April there are sample letters that can give you an idea of very short and sweet.

    It is time that this disease is recognised for the seriousness that it is. I hope you all have had an opportunity to read the Congressional Action letter.

    Hope you are all having a better than usual day and getting lots of rest. Hugs to all. E..
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    I will do that!!!
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