Brain Fog and LGlutamine

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    Sometimes referred to as “brain fuel”, L-glutamine is vital for proper brain function, the formation of muscle tissue, and intestinal health. It may also be helpful in the treatment of senility, impotence, intestinal disorders, fibrosis, and alcoholism.
    The two amino acids Dr. Slagle most frequently prescribes in her practice are L-glutamine & L-tyrosine. Though glutamine has multiple functions, as you will see, the benefits she is most often looking to achieve when recommending glutamine are improved mood, focus, concentration & memory, & elevated energy. Glutamine is often depleted in those with chronic yeast overgrowth, the depletion of which is partially responsible for the "brain fog" in those individuals.

    Glutamine plays a key role in the metabolism, structure & function of the entire gastrointestinal tract. It is the primary energy source for the cells that line your intestines & is essential to keeping them healthy.

    Potential uses of glutamine:

    Chronic fatigue or general energy booster.
    Poor memory, focus, concentration.
    Blood sugar instability.
    Alcoholism - helps to decrease the craving for alcohol.
    To detoxify ammonia & other poisonous waste products in your body.
    Stress tolerance.
    Muscle support & building - especially with prolonged exercise or for athletes & body builders.
    Increases growth hormone release - in doses of 2 gms daily.
    Improving mental fatigue.
    Gastrointestinal disorders.
    To protect against the side effects of & to increase the benefits of cancer chemotherapy & radiation treatment.
    Helps make DNA (cellular genetic material
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    I take a powder called Intestinew every morning to help with leaky gut syndrome and it has 5 grams of glutamine. I think I'll get more for during the day, too.
    thanks again!


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