BRAIN FOG Anyone with any ideas, please respond

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chootik, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I've had CFS for the past 3 1/2 years and the worst symptom since then has been BRAIN FOG! I got rid of the fatigue by resting a lot and taking vitamins and all that, but my brain fog is persistant and has gotten worse now!

    I've even got a double vision now and I think that has to do with whatever is going on in my Branin! Actually this is really scary and I really want to find a cure or at least do something to make it better.

    I've heard Vitamin B12 can help. I'm trying that now, so far not too much differnece.

    Roseblossom, mentioned AMINO ACIDS, not sure which kind and why they help???

    If anyone has any ideas or anything that has worked for them, please let us know. I know a lot of people suffer from this and I'm not ready to throw in the towel and just give up! There has got to be something we can do, instead of just sitting here wasting away!

    Thanks everyone.

  2. darvick

    darvick New Member

    I have brain fog so bad, im afraid to talk to other people.
    My spouse was really worried about brain damage, Had an MRIa few years ago , showed white plaques , but no one mentioned it this time. I have to write down everything!!
    what i need to do, and even when i try sooooooo hard i screw up something. Have tried Ginko, and it has helped some. B12, But it comes and goes,Dont give up! I know it is soooo frustrating,I can tell when im not right, and take it easy on those days. Reading can help, even if its just a little at a time. Hope this helps. Im sure you'll get some good answers here. Just remember YOUR NOT STUPID!!
    NOT Daft, for some reason the brain just short circuts.
  3. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Prickles, I hadn't seen your post. I'll search for it and see what that's about.

    At this point, I will try anything.. since this is getting bad and also so weird. I feel like my whole head is swiming or like jello!

    Sucks to say the least.

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    have you been checked out thoroughly, including for lyme?

    Seriously, my daughter's BF didn't know he had it until he got double vision... abx took care of it, he had a smart doctor who put 2 and 2 together. He hadn't had major fatigue altho he hadn't felt right for several months - more fatigued etc - since having what he thought was a summer virus.

    For many people, symptoms can be delayed so it is not associated even with having been ill... and less than 50% get the bulls-eye rash (her BF didn't get it either).

    all the best,

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  5. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    helps me with this, but please research it carefully if you decide to try it. There are some prescription medicines, blood thinners, with which it should not be taken. It is a vasodilator, increases blood flow to the brain. A side effect can be headaches, so if you try it start at a very small dose.
  6. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Gosh.. I know how you feel! Sometimes I feel like my brain is mush! Horrible headaches.. can't make sentences.. I've even got lost driving home from work! Not to mention the time I went to work with two different shoes on!
    Frustrating as heck.. especially since the majority of us were originally type A super women to be reduced to fumbling idiots that can't remember simple words is sometimes downright horrifying!
    My kid tells me I have Part-timers.. part of the time I can't remember jack!
    Anyway.. I've tried all the goodies on the market with no avail.. even tried focus factor.. of course gingo.. you name it.. I take 120 mg. of Cymbalta a day.. that helped a little at first but it seems like it's coming back with a vengeance.
    Good luck sweetie.. I know how you feel..
  7. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    Anti-virals. Anti-virals are working wonders for me...

    Don't know why they should help..but they are ...

    Like you, I found that a comprehensive anti-oxidant regime helped with the fatigue, but it wasn't until I started the anti-virals that my fog began to lift.....

    Valtrex. 3 grams a day.

  8. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    I meant to respond to this thread earlier but it slipped my mind...............
    I guess that's a pretty good example of brainfog or just brainless!!
    But my real problem with brainfog is finding the most simplest word in the middle of a sentence while I'm talking to someone. It stops me dead in my tracks and becomes very embarrassing.. Then I fumble around for a word to put in it's place or just start the sentence over in a different direction..

    It's actually what caused me to retire early...but there are moments of clarity that I can't explain nor do I understand. But those are few and far between...
  9. Scapper

    Scapper New Member

    OK, feeling your pain. It really is horrible. I can't say I've had any success but I'm still working on the viral piece of this, with the hopes that it will clear my head too.

    I saw in another post that someone had gotten brain fog relief from Cerebrum Compositum manufactured by HEEL. Didn't do anything for me but we're all so different. Just a suggestion.

    I've seen a lot of people get relief from anti-virals, as mentioned above.

    Keep plugging at it and try to find the right remedy for your body -- don't give up hope!!!!!

  10. georgie0826

    georgie0826 New Member

    I know how you feel. I think i am loosing my mind. I have word dyslexia! Today I got so confused as to where I was to meet my daughters for dinner, I just sat in the parking lot and cried. I couldn't remember which restaurant. Thank goodness for cell phones. I have had to quit work because of this. I couyldn't remeber how to do my jow. I get NO help from any of my many doctors. They say it comes with Fibro. Will it continue at this pace? I'm only 51. Will I have any memory left in a few years. It's very depressing.
  11. Maltese

    Maltese New Member

    Hi Maryanne.....

    so sorry that you are feeling frustrated with this darn brainfog! I too get it.....and I have problems too, remembering the right word, while discussing something with a friend..or my family, it is the worst feeling, and owe so, embarassing!

    I have found something for me, that is working pretty well. I am on Provigil, which is a medication to help keep me alert in the day, but at the same time, helps me with, "Brainfog". My sleep doctor/Pulmonary/allergist, introduced me to it....about 1 year ago, and it has been working wonders so far. The initial dosage was 2 pills/day, one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon, but since being on Xyrem (another new medication for sleep), I have decreased it to 1 pill per day. I guess you can ask your doctor, (Rheumi, or Neurologist/or Internist), whomever, takes care of your Fibro. works well, with Green Tea too, and high fiber breakfast in the morning.

    There is another vitamin type formula, (which can be found at a healthfood store, or vitamin store), it is called, "Neuro-PS". It has something called Phosphatidylserine in it.....helps Brain Reactions for an active mind. On this one, though, I do not recommend taking the Provigil too, because, I feel that certain medications, should not be mixed with some vitamins, as this one. You can also inquire about it..with a doctor.. I have stopped this vitamin, since taking Provigil.

    I am also more focused now, due to my CPAP Machine at night, giving me more restful sleep, and also for taking the medication "Xyrem". It is fairly new medication, and I am loving it so far. It does give me more vibrance to life, and radiance to my skin, due to the hormonal values in it. For me, I was losing stage 4 and 5 sleep, the most important part of deep delta sleep. For that reason, I had bad brain fog, and my skin had terrible eczema. My skin is looking much better these days, as the terrible, open-sores, are finally healing up. Although, that same doctor, has also been giving me allergy shots every 2 weeks/month. He is a great doctor.

    Well good luck to all of you, and me too. I am not out of the dark yet, eventhough, I am doing better with sleep and focus. I still get those horrible pangs, bangs, pins/needles,, flushes, sweats.......foot drops, and everything else that goes with Fibro!

    Well enough said by me........hope to see you all soon...on the chat site. I am trying to do more now.......since focusing better, and feeling better.

    Take care....and Good Luck To All........Bonnie (Maltese)

    P.S. One more note....the Provigil, was originally given to me for slight narcolepsy problem, due to sleep apnea.....and, I was falling asleep everywhere I went, even driving, which was quite dangerous... With that, the doctor prescribed, Provigil. [This Message was Edited on 07/14/2006]
  12. pearls

    pearls New Member

    Note to Georgie: Your brain will still be there unless you have something else besides fibromyalgia that's causing your problems.

    Maryam: I've had this curse since February of 2000, which was a big part of my early retirement two and a half years later. I was a teacher, and I told the kids about my health problems. Some weird things happend. I would tell them to put their feet down when I meant their hands, or I'd tell a kid whose parents were picking him up to report to the library when it should have been the office. I once told them I should write these things down because they are funny (yes, yes, I know...they are not always funny, but you have to look at the humorous side to cope with it). It got so they were telling me, "You should write that one down in your book!"

    I've served as a jury foreman three times, but the last time was really embarassing because I could not hold more than one thought in my head at a time. Trying to present both sides was difficult, but luckily the jury was understanding and there were others who could take over when my mind failed me. They didn't kick me out of my "job" either!

    My spelling capibilites have gone to ... well you know where! Rules of spelling and grammar that were once easy for me have become much more difficult. A lot of times I use a totally wrong word that happens to be in my head but has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I have "typing dyslexia," that didn't happen nearly so much before. My short-term memory is the pits, but so is my long-term memory!

    This is a hard one, because what I say is coming from someone who has retired. But there is hope! You learn to think about what you are doing, for one thing. For example, if I don't say, "Now I am washing my feet," I'll forget I've done it already and have to do it again. I keep lists for each store I'll visit. I write down "To do" lists.

    I can tell you that some things come and go. If you get good care and take care of yourself, your symptoms should get better, though your fibromyalgia won't actually go away. My symptoms are not anything as bad as they as they were - even my brain fog, which used to include confusion that doesn't seem to be the case for me now. Mostly with the fog, for me it is forgetfulness. In my case, it has been a slow, but steady improvement from the pits to where I am now.

    Also, it is true. You're not stupid! I can think things through very well, but when I articulate my thoughts, that's when I have trouble. If you are in the middle of a sentence and you forget what you were saying, you must learn to LET IT GO. You can do that in social situations, and as I leaned, it is possible to do that in other situations, such as being jury foreman or with my class at school. People usually understand - and you can blame it on your fibromyalgia.

    This will be controversial, but when I taught my students the multiplication tables, I knew some of them would never memorize them all, no matter how hard or long we drilled or used creative ways to memorize them. I knew this because holding numbers in my mind has always been a problem for me, though I've learned to love math - at least the math I taught in elementary school. So I also taught coping skills: how to come up with the right answer when your mind fails you. (Stick with me: this applies.) One of those coping skills is this: if you can't remember that 9x8 is 72, start with another one, such as 9x9 is 81 and take away 9, or start with 9x7 is 63 and add 9. Yes, yes, I know that there is no real substitute for outright memorization, but I'm talking coping skills for when your mind fails you. There are all sorts of coping skills you can learn to use in your life. Lists are one example. Thinking about what you are doing is another. Using electronic helpers can help, such as spell checkers, computers and calculators. Your cellphone is a Godsend if you get lost. Study and learn what you need to do to cope. One thing is for certain with fibromyalgia: all day, every day is an exercise in problem solving.

    I wish you the best.

  13. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    amino acid l phenylalanine taken daily with VIT B 6 .

    I was even nervous about my driving before this amino
    acid . I was just totally spaced to a degree that was HORRIBLE!

    There is a website that deals with using amino acids for depression/ pain / brain fog . If you google:
    "The Way Up from Down" Dr Priscilla Slagle , you will find a site discussing amino acids and brain chemistry .
    Read the info on amino acids . The phenylalinine must be taken w/ Vit B 6 , but it helps the brain make stimulatory chemicals like dopamine. It has been a gift from God for me.

    You can buy it at health food store reasonably . I began getting better within a few days .
  14. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Maryam,
    I've had CFIDS since 1970, and sometiimes brainfog has gotten really bad. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't balance my checkbook, or handle the math involved in adding and subtracting. I could not read for more than 15 minutes, and had to read paragraphs over and over before I could remember what I had read. This is what I've done that has helped me:

    l. I drink two mugs of coffee a day, one decaf,. this keeps me awake and helps me concentrate.
    2. I eat a mixture of blueberries, blackberries, raspberris, and strawberries, with a dash of balsamic vinegar, once or twice a day, when the brainfog is bad. This clears my head and helps me think clearly and remember what I read.
    3.I have acupuncture treatments. This has been the most helpful. I can now read for over an hour,and remember what I read, and I can balance my checkbook and do math and puzzles. I am beginning to remember things, better, too.

    Good luck to you. I hope this helps.
  15. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    See this is why I LOVE this site! Everyone is so helpful and ready to give any advice they think will help someone.

    I will def. check myself for Lyme, actually I've been suspecting that might be a culprite, eventhough I have never gotten the Bull's Eye rash.

    My doc also gave me a Anti-Viral perscription for Valtrex which I was scared to take but thanks to deliarose's advice I will! If it helps her, it could help me too!

    I am also taking something new, just started today. It's called "Zymactive". It is a Protein and Fibrin dissolving enzyme, contains Bromelain and Papin and a Silk Warm enzyme. Since I have extra Fibrinogen in the blood, this should desolve that and maybe get more blood to the brain.

    Anyways, you guys are great! Thanks for all the great advice and please keep us posted of what works for everyone. We can beat this thing together.

  16. Cool_Beans

    Cool_Beans New Member

    NADH has helped me so much with the brain fog, whether from my fibro or from meds that I have taken. I started out taking 30 mg a day, but now I just 7.5 to get me through the day.
  17. nanna4550

    nanna4550 New Member

    Nothing I have tried really works. I have taken Vinpocentine, Ginko, ginseng. I have had Tinitus and double vision for years and the doctors don't seem to think it's a problem.
    The other day I was at bunco and I have been in the same group for 16 years. For the life of me I couldn't remember one of the girls name. I was so mortified.
    My husband is used to me forgetting what I was talking about- I just laugh and say "and there it went"!
    It's like the joke about the guy and all of the blood going elsewhere (I'm trying not to be crude).
    Anyway, I think all of the blood is going to our achy muscles and the brain is deprived.
    I seem worse after a stressful day's work, or too much exercise or a particularly bad night's sleep, or too much going on all at once.

    If you find something, let me know. I have thought of trying some kind of stimulant RX like the ones for ADHD.
    I have read that they help but I have a racing heart anyway and I think taking a stimulant would make it worse.
    LOL, Nanna
  18. lgdavis

    lgdavis New Member

    I read everyone's post and I can say ditto to what I call the idiot syndrome. Embarrassing is an understatement. After a few years of being inflicted, no one remembers how smart and dependable I was.

    Oh well...recently I went to an ND who figured out my food allergies. I hate my eating plan and cheat sometimes but what a HUGE difference it made with my idiot syndrome. I've tried a lot of supplements and use supplements for energy and brain function. My doctor has prescibed Provigil (I have Narcolepsy), Wellbutrin, and I take bio-identical HRT. All are suppose to minimize brain fog but not for me. My new eating plan was the trick. The added bonus is I can now read and concentrate longer than I have been able to in the last 10 years.

    Good luck.

  19. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Maryam,
    I used to have brain fog so baad that I couldn't balance my checkbook or even read ,for more than 15 minutes. Even then, I didn't remember what I had read.

    At first I used coffee (one mug a day), and berries, to fight brain fog. I also found that reduced stress helped.

    Then I started acupuncture, and my brain fog has really improved. I still dring the coffee and eat the berries.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.
  20. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Hi Everyone.

    Thank you so much for all the info and suggestions.

    Since I first posted this message, I have started taking a few supplements which have helped a lot.

    I started taking Ioinzed Zinc in the mornings, before breakfast and that has helped a lot. Zinc is suppose to help with production of DOPAMINE, which is a Neuro-Transmitter and the lack of it can contribute to Brain Fog.

    I have also started doing "Stormysky's" Shake in the mornings and that has helped as well. I don't do it everymoring, because of time issues and such but I do it 3 times a week and it def. made a difference. This has Amino Acids and Molasis in it, which again help with Neuro-Transmitter production.

    I have also tried Accupuncture and am still taking Vitamin B12 as well. I am very interested in doing a Food Allergy Test, I think that is a big issue with all of us. I know someone with IBS and another person with bad Migrans who got 100% better after the Food Allergy test and avoiding the wrong foods for them.

    So all in all I'm better. I think my Brain Fog and maybe a lot of other's here are the cause of infections in the Brain. My Brain Fog got 50% better after I started the Anti-Virals and I know when I stop them it gets bad again. So the point is, we need to get rid of these infections in our bodies or else they are going to do all kinds of harm.

    Thanks again everyone and I wish you Brain Fog Free days...

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