Brain fog how to cope?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sslibrarian, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. sslibrarian

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    Does anyone have any suggesions on how to "curb" brain (or as we're instructed to call it "fibrofog") fog?

    I've started doing all the right things to assist in accepting a future life with physical limitations (taking a Lyrica/Cymbalta cocktail each day, struggling to get exercise each day, seeing a counselor to talk about feelings, etc.), but the brain fog is the WORST part of living with fibromyalgia!

    Is there any help out there?
  2. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member


    We all have our "foggy" days and sometimes you just can't win. But...I have started doing some of the things that they recommend for senior citizens to do to keep their brains more active.

    *Read (judging by your name - I would think that's a given)
    *Crossword Puzzles
    *Jigsaw Puzzles
    *Math Puzzles
    *Current Events - I like Newsweek and Time
    *Write letters - not email
    *Certain video games
    *Good Conversations with others (I think many FM sufferers are very isolated from the general population)

    I'm not sure if they are fighting the fog entirely - but these activities keep my brain busy - so it can't hurt.

    Just some ideas for you.

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  3. dorcol

    dorcol New Member

    I have brain fog now, I'm just kind of numb sitting here looking at things. It is the worst part, it's so hard to function. I don't know how cookie can do mind games when like this, I'm lucky I could watch tv. I just don't care about anything and it takes everything to react. I wouldn't drive when I am like this. I don't make phone calls, I just need to go to bed. I never have a drink because it gives me immediate brain fog. I don't know of any help. Wish I did.

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