Brain Fog is there anything you can do to help it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lachesis, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Lachesis

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    I've gone back and read a little and it looks like Klonopin is the #1 thing to help. My sister takes Klonpin for her depression and it does nothing to help... Is there other things she can try? She's done the Amatrypalene (sp) as well...
    The brain fog and slowness are not good :( She has a hard time "moving" in the morning....

    Do you think Coral Calium would help with either of these?
  2. Lachesis

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    she's been on Elvil(amitriptaline) but it was more for depresion... and the Paxil no longer works for her :( she had to cold turkey it when she got pg a few years back...

    Im going to forward your reply to her....
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    We are all diff. of course. I can not take elavil. Pre Neurontin I could not get through a sentence that made any sense. Huh, doe`s that make sense,lol? Sad part is I may not beable to afford soon. It took care of my stinging and restless leg, can`t remember all the rest ???? Okay I did not say it was a cure.

    Btw recently started coral calcium and have not slept 1 night since. Do not know if that is why or not that is why I am so fatigued. Only slept 45min. last night, Yawn!!
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  4. Lachesis

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    Shoot I dont know if I want her doing the coral calcium if sleep is a problem... she is bi-polar and lack of sleep brings on major meltdowns (horrid horrid ones). :(

    Im going to research this Neurontin. The things she can not deal with the *most* is the fog and no energy :( she has 3 small kids to care for...