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    I've been experiencing brain fog, who doesn't. But, today was horrendous and I even slept last night for about 6 hrs. I couldn't remember the copy code or long distance code and I was so embarrassed when I had to ask and I got lost coming home from work. I've been handling all three of these proceedures since august, every day! I was so scared when I kept making wrong turns, promptly burst into tears. Thankfully, I'm familiar with the town so it was just a matter of going the right direction until I hit downtown again and go the long way home. I'm almost afraid to leave town. What if it happens when I'm in a strange enough area that I can't find my way out? What do I do to help this. I'm not getting advice from my dr on this one. He just says "nothing is wrong with your brain".
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    I am sorry to hear you had such a horrible day. I'm not a doctor or expert, but I am familiar with Fibro Fog. I have a feeling that you had trouble getting home because you were already flustered. I find that if I forget one thing... and let it get to me... that I go on a "binge" of sorts... and it snowballs. My daughter and I have learned to laugh off the forgetfulness... and I try not to stress on it. I hope this helps a little...

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    Thanks for the reassurance, Blueyes. You have a valid point. I was a bit hyper over the whole thing. I think the brain fog is the worst part of this whole thing although I'm always tired when I have brain fog so I would guess they go together. I have CFS so this is a most of the time occurence, but this was worse than normal.

    Madwolf, I am on levothroid, so I will visit with my Dr. and see if it, or one of the other meds need adjusted. Thanks. I always look forward to reading posts. It is kind of you to share your knowledge. You always seem to to help me relax and understand that the DD may not be what I want, but they are normal to my world now. Something about professional opinions, I guess :) Thanks.

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    I've connected the worsening of my brain fog to ingestion of MSG or Nutrasweet and also to hormonal changes. At first my best friend didn't believe me (she has FM & I have CFS), but she ate chinese food the other day with MSG and got the worst fog ever . . . she just called me yesterday to say she thinks there is some connection. Just a thought . . . did you possibly have a food that could have been high in one of these things?? They hide very well in lots of things we don't know they are in . . . Take care, Terri
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    Just be thankful that you were not looking for a bathroom or driving near a School. This stuff really sucks; I walk into a room and just turn around and go back to where I was to see if it sparks something of a memory. You should have seen me at Lowe’s the other day trying to understand what I had written down on a piece of paper. I couldn’t recall what I needed pull taps for, heck it wasn’t for pull taps, it was supposed to have been for pull knobs for my kitchen cabinets. I’m getting to where it scares the stuffing out of me to drive to the gas station. I turn off my cell phone while I’m driving because I sure couldn’t handle another distraction. I wish you the best of luck.
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    I'm like you Dan. Except I sit down and wad up dirty towels to throw in the washer when I go down the stairs and then can't remember why I went down. I stand there in a complete fog. There are always dirty towels so I pretend I went down to wash them. (Hubby is usually down there doing bench presses) Go back up abd gave to go back down. I have plantar fasciitis in my feet so going up and down the stairs isn't alweays easy.

    Most of the time when I forget I have just gone up or down the stairs. Sometimes it happens from my home office to the kitchen. I even get up to go "pee" and instead end up coming back from the kitchen with a cup of coffee and sitting back down at the computer before I remember I got up to go pee!!!
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    I have the same things happening, like forgeting my daughter at the movies. I've been taking alot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and it has really helped. Also I've been reading alot about yeast overgrowth I think that is alot of my problem. Brain Fog is one of the many symptoms. The books The Yeast Connection, and From Fatigue to Fantastic have been very informational.
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    Yesterday I was working on an excel spreadsheet. Apparently the download put the city and states in the wrong column in some instances. It was my job to move them to the correct column. I did this for about an hour before lunch and then came back and continued for a few more hours(there were 7,000+ entries on this accounting spreadsheet). I got interrupted to do something else and wrote down the number of the line I had left at so I would know where to pick up when I came back. Well, I came back and proceeded to the next step -- I STARTED SPELL CHECKING THIS SPREADSHEET (because I had seen Cincinnati spelled 15 ways LOL) instead of picking up where I left off. Not only that but I called the manager and told her I was done with the spreadsheet!!! She had me email it back to her and then she called and wanted to know if I had sent her the wrong spreadsheet because there were many, many entries not corrected!!! I went back into the document I mailed her and SURE ENOUGH there they were! I had even looked at the number I had written down and wondered what I wrote it down for!! This morning I went to her and told her I felt compelled to give her some explanation. (God I was embarrassed). I explained about my FM and about my recently diagnosed Hashimoto's and how I believe it is affecting me. I don't know if she got it or not. She just kinda looked at me dumbfounded. I doubt she will ask me to help her again! So I documented it (like everything else) so when I go back to the endocrinologist I can hand it to him and say "See what is happening here?"

    This is not the first time - in fact the impetus for me going to my doctor was my memory problems and he immediately had my thyroid workup and an ultrasound done. When the ultrasound came back abnormal (and the blood work normal) he sent me to the endo doctor.