Brain Fog Remedies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PhoenixRising, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. PhoenixRising

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    Please tell me someone out there has found some relief for the brain fog...I have a new semester on 9/2 and seem to be unable to complete thoughts. I am having trouble finding words and keeping my train of thought. This is not good for a nursing student taking 2 Bio classes each with its own labs!

  2. AnnG

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    ....I was going to give you a pat answer: Laugh and don't take yourself too seriously. But, after reading that you're going to school, you need more help than that! My Dentist swears by Gingko Biloba. He takes it everyday. I swear by spiral notebooks where I write even the tiniest things I have to do in a day. My hubby is a student at 51 and he highlights in his books and uses post-it note tabs all over his books. My son uses a time-release formula of Adderall, just one tab in the morning, and it makes a huge difference. Good luck to you and good for you for just not giving up!!!!!
  3. PhoenixRising

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    I just read your reply and actually giggled out loud! If you saw my books, you would understand why I couldnt GIVE my books away! You would think they come with pink letters from the publishers. I highlight what I think I will forget...that means just about everything! And with all the multicolored stick ups, my computer looks like it broke out in confetti measles! Its too funny.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the Ginko

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  4. AnnG

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    His books are a mass of highlights! He refuses to use pink though! What a baby! Have you tried the new liquid highlighters? He loves them! Good luck with the Gingko! I have some but I keep forgetting to take it! Hee-hee! I admire you and my hubby for going to school!!!!
  5. IgotYou

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    Before I discovered I couldn't eat wheat I could hardly carry on a conversation. The brain fog was so bad I had trouble concentrating from the beginning of a sentence to the end of it. I was so stupid! I NEVER eat anything with wheat in it now and though I get some brain fog, I'm able to hold down a full time job as a technical writer and graphic artist. So there's a switch for you. Have you tried giving up wheat? It changed my life! By the way, some on this board say you can still eat wheat if you eat it at night or once in awhile. I've found that I pay big time if I do, so I avoid it completely. Cheating isn't worth it.
  6. PhoenixRising

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    Thanks for your input...I noticed the RN after your name. Are you a working RN? The reason I ask is that this flare up has been the worse I have ever had and it scared me so much. I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to work even if I could finish school. Being the sole support here, that realllly scares me.

    My plan is to finish, and then work as an RN while I continue in a Radiation Therapy program (an additional 12-15 mos program). Ahhh, the spirit is willing but the flesh is a mess!

  7. sumbuni

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    You might want to ask your Dr. about "Strattera". It's a med given to people who have ADD/ADHD, and CFS/FMS...treats brain fog, and supposed to give your energy a boost too. I can't really tell...sometimes I think it works great and other times I just don't know for sure.

    I take 40MG every morning. Friday I thought it was really doing me some good. I had a great day, turned off a bunch of work and didn't feel like an idiot one time...then today I have been next to dead...same old thing, a good day and then a kick in the pants!!

    It's new, and it's not a stimulant, and it may take more time than I'm giving it to do any good. I have the 60MG pills too, but I just hate to take more meds. I think I have a hang up about taking meds...past history (mine only by contact).


    PS..Blessings and Grace on the schooling!!