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    Hi~~~O.K. now this is the first time I have heard of this term of " Brain Fog " I have suspected that I have had Fibromyalgia for a long time. And I often have felt like I was in a fog especially when I go shopping. After I was dionozed with Fibrom I was reading the symtoms on the internet and I came across the term " Brain Fog" and I thought~~oh my that sounds like me!!!!! Can anyone relate to that??


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    Brain fog is a really common symptom of FM/CFS. We all experience it somewhat differently but if it seems to fit, you probably have it!
    Do a search of old posts ( top left of this page) and you will find lots on brain fog.

    Welcome to the club!
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    I totally relate to the brain fog. Mine has been awfull lately.

    Can't concentrate or decide on anything. Work is really getting hard.

    Talked to the doc yesterday and he wants to do an MRI. That's all I need is another bill!!!!

    They say magnesium helps and there are alot on the board that take ADD medicine.

    I'm totally ready to try it, but doc says no right now.
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    Ive gotten two MRI's done because my Fog is so bad. I have CFS, and ive got the fog where it feels like your not even here. Its easily my worst symptom and drives me crazy.

    I got the MRI's done before I was diagnosed with CFS, mainly because I didn't know much about CFS yet. And wasn't aware of the neurological problems.

    Both MRI's came back perfectly normal, so you can't "see" the brain fog. However it sure is there, and really debilitates me.

    I take fish oil, and the occasional phentermine pill, which is a prescription diet pill to try and help lift my fog. However neither have really helped.[This Message was Edited on 04/25/2006]
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    I was the one that asked my shrink is there any way to test my brain? Cant remember the name of it BRAIN FOG.But it showed deterioration of the front lobe.They did not know if it was caused by the FM or the meds. I have tried over the yrs.

    That was used to diagnose my brain fog.It was the test that won my SSD case and gave me a bench approval.I won my case on FM.

    And that test showd that I can no longer multi task.

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    my bran flakes. So I was munching away and half-way thru realized I had a bowl of milk and berries, but no cereal.

    So I added cereal to the bowl. Only it turned out it was the wrong cereal.

    Par for brain fog, i.e., confusion and forgetfulness.


    Just called and had to leave a message. By the time I could remember my phone number the machine had hung up. Some days it's kinda funny and somedays it isn't.[This Message was Edited on 04/26/2006]
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    PET scan?
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    Forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating,"zoning off", a feeling of "unrealness"(like your not yourself) and feeling like your head is disconnected. I also forget the names of objects, peoples names, etc.....It can be very frustrating and also scarey at times! Your not alone, it's pretty common with FM and even moreso with CFS.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tammy
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    There are a couple of tests that can show if your brain is "functioning" correctly.

    A NeuroSPECT Scan shows how much blood is getting to the brain. PWFM/CFIDS have been shown to have significantly reduced levels of blood to the pre-frontal lobes. I had this scan in '96, and it was consistent with Dr. Ismael Mena's research. He says, "Cerebral blood flow and cerebral function are directly related". (Osler's Web, pg. 312)

    A PET Scan evaluates glucose metabolism in the brain. If there is reduced activity, there will be reduced function. PWFM/CFIDS also have consistently abnormal results on this scan too.

    These are totally objective test results.

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    I have been living with this for a long time and never thinking that it could be related to the Fibro. I will talk to my Rhuematologist when I go back to see him in 3 weeks. Right now I have been on Cymbalta for the last week. Has been hard to get use to the drug but today I think I feel better. That may help with the "FOG" If I can stay on the drug and that is if it agrees with me. Take it one day at a time. I will keep the CoQ10 in mind and other things that you all wrote me. The "FOG" is a very spacy feeling that makes concentrating very difficult, at least with me. I also get so fatiqued. Right now I am trying to get out to walk and deep breathing.

    Thanks again~~Maggie
  11. suzetal

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    It was a Neuropsychological Evaluation Thats one that I had had to go thuogh all my files .I new I had it.