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  1. acuario

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    Hi everybody. My worst symptom is brain fog, and is all the time that I feel the same way. Some people have the fog just some times, but mine is chronic and for more than 6 years. all day/7 week for years.

    I have a question, physicaly how can FMS make you feel foggy brain?

    I new that I had FMS, but just a week ago I was diagnosticated. I dont have pain in my body. (just if I press my tender spots). I have I lot of tender spots in my shoulders, neck, and up to my head. Can that be why I feel foggy brain? I red that two main nerves from the neck and brain if they are swollen that can be one of the the causes.

    All of you that have chronic brain fog like me, can you tell me if you have a lot of tender spots in shoulders, neck, and head? and how do you get rid of them? maybe muscle relaxants??

    thank you all so much.

  2. jcom

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    I experience this too, mine is chronic too day in day out!!! Accompanied by dizzinesss and sore eyes aswell. I do have very tender spots in my neck and shoulders especially on the right side. I havent come across anything yet that relieves the dizziness or fog althogh have ordered some activive so i will give that a go and see how i go. I hope you find some relief.

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    I have alot of problems with this.But then again I do have brain lesions.Maybe that makes it worse?????
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    any time I have a sinus infection (I do not have any drainage, and sometimes no symptoms), my energy and my mind are gone.

    I but I do flush out some infection even though I have no typical signs of a sinus infection

    also, I get foggy several hours after my allergy shot.

    Sometimes it can be related to food. If I eat soy, I litrally can not operate a car.

    Today, I have a fog so thick, I don't know how I am typing. The past three days, I have eaten to much wheat and now paying the price.

    Good Luck
  5. beeleaf

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    I do have "moments of clarity" now and then. They're quite exciting.

    I've read that chronic pain and poor sleep are enough to cause it. Don't ask me where I read it, though. ;~)
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    I've had Brain Fog from the first day I got sick but it has gotten worse over the last 3 years. I just recently started taking Zovirax - an AntiViral and it has helped considerably with the Brain Fog!

    If you haven't done so already, please get checked for bacterial and viral infections. If you have activated EBV or HHV6 an Anti-Viral can help.

    Also check for Mycoplasma and other bacteria. Maybe a few months of Antibiotics could help also.

    Good luck
  7. acuario

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    thank lyou all, for all your posts, please continue to post.
  8. acuario

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    thank you for your post. can you tell me please what doctor tests and treats these viruses and cytoplasms???

    thank you.
  9. acuario

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    Thank you all for your posts.

    Hi, Mustluvdogs. Yes I have been interested in having a sleep study, I feel that I dont sleep too deep, but I dont know where to go.
    Do you know how to find a sleep disorder clinic?
    I live in Southern California.

    thank you so much.
  10. Chootik

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    Well I went to the FFC or the Hormone and Longetivity Clinic in Torrance, CA to get tested for the Viruses and Bacteria.

    They are expensive. If not there, you can get a Genreral Doctor to test you. A lot of these bugs are Chronic in our bodies so you need to be really diligent in getting rid of them. Anti-Virals, Antibiotics, supplements, good food and good sleep all need to be combined to get rid of these bugs.

    Even then it can take months or years to get better.

    I suggest you do a lot of research, either here or the internet to get really informed about this.

    There are a lot of posts, specifically from "Mikie" or "Stormysky" who are both very knowledgable about these issues and can offer a lot of good information to deal with this stuff.

    Good luck hon.