brain fog

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  1. jesuschrist1

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    well it was good to find the site--a gift from God.
    Iwas finally dx with fibro 5 yrs ago when i changed docs.I am soooo tired of my sisters telling me that i appear druged, in a stare into space, often closin my eyes during conversations. I have one dr tell me i tested as early dementia--during a 2 yr bout of severe depression.
    I leave myself notes on the coffee pot for the next day activities and try to fix my thoughts on the moment i am in. Also keep a journal,try to read,and keep busy.
    ATthis moment I am experiencing an exacerbation of pain and spasms, all because my sis hugged me too tight. Tordal, muscle relaxants aren't helping.
    any thoughts or suggestions ?

  2. lvjesus

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    You are right about the board being a Godsend. I think He sent it to me, for real. I don't know about other sites, I have looked at a few but have not liked the way other "threads" are on other boards.

    I am very foggy today, so no help from me! but you have my sympathies. It seems totally impossible to describe the fog to anyone who has not had it themselves.
  3. LizzyBell93

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    I have it to but not quite as bad. I say things that dont make sence and people look at me weird. Sometimes it takes me all day to figure out what day it is (being in highschool you usually know). I can't stand brain fog it makes me feel like an idiot.