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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mellow, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. mellow

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    I just wondered whether any of you experienced brain fog more in the morning than evening. I seem to be much worse in the morning and then gradually improve as the day goes on. I know some meds. can cause this but I am curious as to how others experience this "foggy brain". Mellow
  2. jolly

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    Actually in the morning I don't try to do anything, so I'm not sure. I know that when I'm physically tired is when my brain fogs over...or when I go to town and try to handle that, sometimes I just lose it and have to come home. Jo Ellen
  3. Suzie113

    Suzie113 New Member

    some days it is worse of the mornings, then tends to ease up by mid afternoon, then other days it seems to worsen, I think it depends on the weather alot for me too, if it is dreary outside, and no sun at all, I seem to have a worse time getting over my brain fog. It makes it so hard for me at work to, I tend to make a few silly mistakes, that I know better than to do, but for some reason, It just happens. I hate feeling like this too, its the most miserable feeling in the world, not to be able to concentrate and make good clear choices.
  4. dlizard

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    my fog is either an all day event or an afternoon thing.... morning is about the only time I CAN function and its brief here lately! Good luck!
  5. granch

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    Yes, I get brain fog every day. Mine begins about 1:00 every afternoon. The most cognitive part of my day is right in the mornings.
    Morning is the only time I get things done.
    Thanks for your comment.
  6. karen55

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    at least for me. I was always excellent at multi-tasking at work, and at home. Now I find when I'm really busy and have more than a couple of things going on, my concentration is just shot and I'm useless. Where I once was able to juggle literally 6 or 8 different projects at once and remember details, names, dates, numbers for each one, I have trouble concentrating on the details of just one without my paperwork in front of me. I guess the best thing that's come out of this is that now I document EVERYthing, it all gets put in writing, and, as the liaison between my company, our customers, transporation lines, shipping agents, etc., I tell everyone I have to speak with daily to email or fax me. That way there's so much less of a chance that I'm going to really screw up due to my brain fog.
  7. Eilie

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    I've never been a morning person so when I learned enough about fibro fog to know what it is, I wasn't surprised to find that it was worse in the morning for me.

    But now, I have the most energy in the morning and the fog comes on gradually. Well actually, it's present all the time but worse later in the day.

    Like Karen, I've had to learn to adjust accordingly. I have to write myself notes. At first I lost them all the time, of course. So then I found a nifty little computer program that's free that imitates stickies. You can have them all over your desktop and either leave them out all the time, hidden, or off. I find they help me a lot. I also have had to implement certain routines. First thing in the am, I do two things (once I have my tea). First, I lay out my meds for the day. I take most of them right away but, particularly with my Ultram, if I don't put out the rest of the daily dose I'm allowed, I'll forget whether I've taken it, which means one of two things: If I think well, maybe I did take it and don't take more, I end up in a lot of pain. Alternately, I can end up taking way too much. The other thing I've had to do is train myself to look at my datebook every single morning. it's one thing to make note ofappointments but it doesn't do much good if I then forget to look at my calendar to see where I'm supposed to be!!!