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    Does anyone know of a drug or a vitamin supp that we can take that would help us with our brain fog????? I need to try and find something if there is such a thing.

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    My favorites are Awakening by Body Alive to get you going even went you don't feel like it. It is sort of an alertness enhancer (contains Ginseng). This should be taken first thing in the morning only.

    My other favorite is 5 mg B12 methylcobalamin once a day.
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    always take a good multivitamin daily. One high in B complex.
    I also MUST take my magnesium (helps with pain) I recently read on this forum that you should take your magnesium WITH a calcium pill. Good idea since we really need BOTH anyway.

    But what I foudn that was almost miraculous. That make me feel "Sharp" and mentally awake ('bout time!)
    I drank a bottle of Propel.
    I don't mean to do free ads but I think it is the electrolytes or something. I'm not sure...
    Anyway the Berry flavor is the only one that I think tastes good.
    Gatoraide makes it. It's pretty good.
    Although I find it kind of expensive at at $4+ for a 6 pack, but If it keeps my brain working, it's worth every penny.

    I suspect dehydration and screwed up electrolytes is the REAL problem. I do know that brain fog is one of the first symptoms of dehydration.
    By the time you feel thirsty, it is too late, you are already very dehydrated.

    as a minimum requirement of water (juice is ok. soda is NOT)
    we should be drinking at LEAST 1/2 or body weight in ounces a day.
    For those of us that are over weight (like me) and don't like water, I guess it's time to drop a few pounds so we don't slosh from all that drinking... which by the way leads to the bathroom. (sigh) we just can't win.

    I told my husband, I'd be happy to drink that much, if he'd get me a catheter. I'm so sick of GOING every 30-45 mins.

    another important thing to avoid brain fog... stay AWAY from nutrasweet. it is DEADLY.and it really messes up your brain. (you can and everyone SHOULD do a search on aspertame poisoning and pass the info to your loved ones.)

    If the brain fog persists (and it will) just keep your sense of humor, and buy LOTS of sticky notes.

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    If by "brain fog" you mean lack of concentration and problem with short-term memory, do a search using the words "attention deficit" and look for my two recent posts listed there.

    I know you don't have ADD, but trust me.....

    The med I talk about in those posts saved my life and was the only way I could keep a job.

    Take care

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