Brain lesions and Fibromyalgia

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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in June,2000 and brain lesions in October, 2007. After extensive blood work tests for multi sclerosis, lime disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. have come back negative. Aside from the chronic pain through out the body, I suffer with short term memory lapses, sporadic hearing loss, inability to concentrate, comprehension and coordination problems, virtigo and vision problems. The neurologist said that these lesions were probably a result fever from childhood diseases such as Chicken pox, measles or rheumatic fever. I did get chicken pox and measles. I now realize that I had fibromyalgia as a kid since, I suffered with all the symptoms mentioned above. At times I thought I was crazy and would go into deep depression. I am thinking that there is a connection between the brain lesions and fibromyalgia. Fellow fibromaylgics what is your take on this?
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    That CFS people show brain lesions, just in a different part of the brain from MS. And some think CFS is the other side of the coin of FM.

    Here is what it says:

    Neuroimaging study findings
    It has been postulated that some of the symptoms of CFS, such as impaired cognition, may result from brain abnormalities. Several studies have reported significantly more abnormalities on MRI among CFS subjects relative to controls.

    Overall, MRI studies are generally consistent in demonstrating T2 signal hyperintensities in the subcortical white matter, often in the frontal lobes. One study found that CFS patients without depression had a significantly larger number of small, punctate subcortical white matter hyperintensities compared to CFS patients with depression or sedentary controls.11

    Another approach to neuroimaging is assessing cerebral blood flow via single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Most SPECT studies have shown significantly decreased blood flow. This technique has demonstrated changes in some patients' brains that were not apparent on MRI.

    In one study, decreases in regional cerebral blood flow throughout the brain have been reported on SPECT in a CFS group relative to healthy controls, and abnormalities were observed in 80% of the CFS patients. CFS patients could be distinguished from controls with unipolar depression based on the pattern of SPECT abnormalities.12

    In addition, significant brain stem hypoperfusion on SPECT was found in patients with CFS relative to controls and depressed patients.13

    At least one research group reported a positive correlation between frontal blood flow (on SPECT) and cognitive impairment. They hypothesized that the blood flow abnormalities may play a pathophysiological role in cognitive impairment and physical activity limitations in CFS patients.14

    There have been few published reports of positron emission tomography (PET) scans in CFS patients. One research group reported hypometabolism on PET in the brain stem of 18 CFS patients, which was not found in six depression patients or six healthy controls.

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    Tina, thanks for posting that. I think this is one of the important aspects of CFS and now, it looks like FMS too. Brain lesions prove that there is something serious going on.
    I hadn't heard of brain lesions with only FMS before now. I have read that the brain lesions with CFS can be numerous one time and then not be there the next time. They seem to be able to come and go like most of our Sx can and in fact, may be there more when we're doing worse.

    They really need to study this more and i can't believe they haven't already.


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    How does one go about getting a brain scan?

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    I thought it was CFS (and then FM) for the past 26 years!
    But I have almost recovered my health with proper Lyme treatment consisting of:

    heparin for hypercoagulation,

    hormones for multiple deficiencies,

    yeast meds for candida,

    and Abx plus Anti-Malarials for Babesiosis.

    All of my Lyme tests are all NEGATIVE in spite of two EM rashes and classic symptoms.

    Go to the database and start reading the articles there. You'll quickly see why testing for Lyme is a shambles being controlled by a small bunch of money grubbing patent holders.

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    I believe there is a connection, my MRI's show lesions of the cerebral white matter, I, too have all the symptoms you mentioned. but... I am a veteran of the first gulf war, and although our government will never admit it, I firmly believe we were used as lab rat's, and my Fibro/gulf war syndrome/cfs/possibble MS, are directly tied to my exposures to God only knows what in Iraq. I wasn't sick untill then, and the VA does try to tell me it is all in my head, PTSD. well it is in my head, the MRI's show it, silly doctors....
    Wishing everyone a pain free week!!
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    It would be wonderful if we could get some answers, this not knowing is so stressful, at least for me.

    I have no doubt that this dd has something to do with the brain,because of the way it affects us, the anxiety, depression, fibro fog and on and on.

    Now to find an answer and get treatment would be wonderful.
    If they only knew how we suffered and the not knowing just adds to the stress.

    I have been tested for lyme twice both negative, I get so confussed. I admit it doesn't take much to confuse me but to think how I use to be in my mind before this DD and the way I am now.

    Hoping for a cure or treatment,
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    There may be a bigger connection to this than we all think.

    Several years ago, I had an episode of chect pains and shortness of breath along with dizziness.

    Had several tests done and spent the night in the hospital. While they did not find a definate cause, they did find several tiny white lesions on my brain and told me was common for MS.

    After several other tests and without a true explaination of my body pains and aches, they DX'd me with Fibro. While at the same time "Not" dismissing the MS connection.

    Telling me that MS may not be the main DX at this time, they will continue to do periodic MRI's to monitor the lesions and the progression of them.

    Seeing that so many people here have these as well, some fibromite's and some CFS'er. There may be a bigger connection to what we all deal with that is not being fully considered by the medical community. We all seem to have so much in common and until they determine the connections, we will plug along and do the best we can.
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    My doctor (Dr. Lapp) says FM definitely causes brain lesions.
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    Thank you Tina. Your response was most appreciated. Exactly the information I was looking for.

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    Marti, the ear, nose & throat doctor or a neurologist can refer you for a brain MRI.
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    Becky, I am sorry about your plight. My brother-in-law fought in Vietnam, then he fought the VA for disability due to the effects of agent orange. Don't let them wear you down, fight for yours too!!
  13. PlantLover

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    Thanks for the input and don't feel bad about getting confused. I got lost to and from the doctor's, whom I've been seeing for four years.
  14. PlantLover

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    Thanks for responding. If you're in New York, I would like to see your Dr. Lapp. My doctor, who I thought was a fibro specialist, suggested I have electro shock therapy for my depression.
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    I have unspecific white spots on my brain noted in an MRI.

    I also forget things. I had to call my daughter to ask her how to put my car in gear. I was at the store so I knew how to do it just a little bit earlier.

    This DD is like something playing tricks on us.
  16. gws

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    I fought the VA for the past 15 years, it did pay off, they have me 100% service connected for this DD. I also encouarge all to fight for compensation and or disability, never give up!!!!I have an upcoming MRI, I will keep you posted about the results
    my best to all
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    I had an mri on my brain at the end of Feb and my neuro said that my mri scan came back normal. Only after all the tests came back normal and she did a tender points test did she let me know that I have FM.