brain not working????

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    Hi all, every so often i go through these periods where i reckon only half my brain is working, lol, seems to happen for a few months every year. Its not brain fog, or maybe its a form of brain fog, but i find myself just gazing into the distance not focusing on anything or even thinking, my wife will say 'what are u looking at', i tell her im not looking at anything. I think she knows when its happening now as she will say, your looking at nothing arent u, lol, yes. It feels different to being tired, it just feels like my brain is doing nothing. I can concentrate on things when i need to but when i dont im off, like a day dream but not dreaming. I know i have a hard time trying to recall peoples names, even people i work with and know quite well, lucky i can get away with calling my wife darl or mum, lol.

    What i have done in the past and have just done today was take a small dose of zoloft 1/4tab, 12.5mg and within a few hours my brain is switched on. I usually stay on this for a few months then i can go off and Im right until the next episode which can be 12 months away.

    Anyone else get this, i wonder if its just damage from cfs. I suppose its a neurological illness and its just one of those crazy type of symptoms that we get.
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    I agree that it is neurological in nature. It may be a small seizure. Had a friend that
    had one of those while flying a plane. Someone else landed. Docs said it was
    a seizure.

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    I do this every day; usually in the mornings pre-caffeine. I've had a brain scan, and it's definitely been affected by my lupus, cfs & fibro. So at least I know what causes it. I also sometimes go into 'coma' but that's if I've overdone "thinking" during the day & it's just worn my ole brain out & it decides to take a deep rest. Usually only last a few hours; then I come out of it.

    In fact I just found myself staring out the window at "nothing" again, so caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.