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  1. poeticbobbi

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    I am having a sluggish day,don't think I got enough sleep.
    But I have a question for you all.Does anyone else find it hard to think and figure out simple things?Sometimes I can't even remember how to spell simple words that I know I learned back in grade school.It if so frustrating being that I am a poet and also write short stories.
  2. romey

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    Hey there,

    Yeah in the last year or so I have been finding this alot.
    I forget words I am about to say or the name of certain things.
    Funnily enough I'm a writer too and spend alot of time writing stories and poems on my laptop and the thesaurus has become my best friend!
  3. LadyC

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    I have the same problem. Sometimes I forget which words to use or how to spell them. I also forget how to perform everyday tasks like cooking sonme things. I have always loved to write also. Now I find myself second guessing everything I write.
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  4. deliarose

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    has unlocked the secret. My brain function is coming back big time.. as I detox,get better sleep and all the other benefits of the methylation protocol.

    I am almost getting tired of banging this drum. At some point, you have to help yourself. If you haven't read those methylation threads, now would be a good time.

    One thing though. I am also doing Transfer factor and that was the first thing to put a dent in my brain fog, but the methylation protocol has turbo-charged that recovery.

    So there is some question whether one might also need something extra to bring down the viral load.

    I mean look: Rich Carson is greatly improved. Stormyskye is in remission, Karen/Barrowinnovations and I are both greatly improved...

    We must be doing something right, right?