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    Hi. Any one had long term experience with brain supplements - have been told good for both getting the brain functioning and reducing pain in rest of body.
    Anyone had long term experiences with uping hi protein foods (reducing meat and increasing fish) and any problems with digestion (I have used enzymes in past with limited success)
    Has any one long term experience with protein supplements such as Rice Bran Protein (as I cannot go near milk products of any kind) or with amino acid supplements - and do they need digestion aids as well? I usually get bloated when I up my protein food so doubt if proper digestion occuring. Has anyone had long term experience with L-tryptophan 5HTP melatonin or L-Glutamine? Here's hoping for yours and mine! Centeron.
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    Amino acids don't need to be broken down, so you shouldn't need any digestive enzymes for them. Someone ordered some "specifically formated" stuff for me, but I didn't try it for very long because of other issues at the time. (Anyway, my doc at the time told me it was already broken down.)