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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    I wrote this because I'm not always sure what day it is. Sometimes I write the same date more than once in my symptom journal. :)

    November 24

    It's been November 24
    For so long now, because

    Is easy to remember
    Without checking something.

    Is bundled up and
    Ready to go

    24 is
    Permanance and snow, and
    My world is crystalised and very slow

    November 24
    My book says again
    November 24
    Insists my pen
    November 24...
  2. windblade

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    How light and sparkly and fun your poem is! I love reading whatever you write. On the new story, I went back and read your descriptions twice, because I was so fascinated by what you did with the mirror scene, and how fresh and original your other images were there.

    The more you write here, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

    p.s. (I'm never sure of the date either - have to constantly check)

  3. Shannonsparkles

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    I'm petrified (secretly, but deeply!) about writing stories on here! I just put up a thread about how shy I feel. :) Thanks ((( ))) I'd probably clam up altogether without a little shove now and then. Paco and the mirror breaking and the "spittin' teeth" and Ryman were all someone else's brainstorms. The story would freeze and wither without the loving help of all the members.

    I'm lucky to have satalite TV - I'm too foggy to watch it most of the time (and I stick to Simpsons re-runs when I do) but it does have the correct time and date on the screen.

    ((hugs & more hugs)) Shannon
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  4. sues1

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    I love reading everything you write. You have a talent for it and great in sight.....

    I would miss you terribly and not enjoy the board as much if you did not post what you do.

    I giggled when in one posting you said you were signing off and going back into your shell again. I needed that laugh and I can relate to it.

    Keep on keeping on.......Love, Susan
  5. kholmes

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    That was great.
  6. rockgor

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    and very true.

    Now that I'm retired, I never know what the day or the date is.

    But the paradox is, if you were too foggy, you couldn't write at all.