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    I think Bree-Leigh has one very smart idea about how we could have shared housing for those of us that struggle with these same illnesses. Not only could we have this shared housing, but possibly putting our funds together and then requesting tax incentives from the govt, for chronic illness GREEN HOUSING for those that suffer from this debilitating situation. After my own battle I am convinced thru my own situation that our housing is so essential to our ability or inability to cope with these devastating chronic illnesses on a daily basis. I was told by my doctor that the divorce rate after chronic illnesses are diganosed can be higher than 60 percent. I would be willing to bet the rate is so much higher. Look out out if you are not married when this strikes, I am so sure the dump rate statistic would become even higher, sorry,but it sure seems so true. I was able to stay in a complex down by the beach
    that had three very small one bedroom bungaloes all attached by a common beautiful garden, outdoor private shower, that if you choose to mingle the opportunity was there but you still had your own privacy. If you needed help it was there for the asking. It was really neat and I have thought about this since then, baby boomer's like me are always thinking there is more than one way to achieve happiness. I actually lived with a friend that shared this illness and we really miss each other, I am now struggling to save my new relationship that I know struggles with my illness. I have learned not to blame anyone or anything, just begin each day processing ideas that will help our causes. I do all I can to have fun each day, laugh, or when necessary I cry but I never give up trying to find out the truth about why so many of us are sick. I not only deal with fibro, and chronic fatigue but having chemical sensitivity, I can not take that dose of medicine to get me thru the tough times. I have done well with visual memory recall to help me cope. But, hearing her idea has just opened up a flurry of brain activity. thanks to all on these boards.
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    If someone with FM/CFS lives or is looking to live in L.A. (Westside) leave post here and we can see if it is feasible to share apt/house.
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    I have a contractor friend who has been talking for several years about starting a business that would design and build "green" housing, which sounds a lot like what you describe. These would be small homes based around a common center or community area, designed for efficiency and elegance. I've been encouraging him because I think the green housing will be more and more in demand, and your post made me realize that those with chronic illnesses like we have might also benefit from the community structure. So I'd love to hear suggestions from you (or others) about what would be considered requirements for such spaces? What would be mandatory and what would be just nice but not essential?

    I'd also be interested in any information or thoughts about how this might fit in with government requirements for subsidized housing? Obviously, there may be need for supplementation, so I'm wondering how those grants/loans work, and how one applies.

    No guarantees on this, of course, but my friend is very skilled and has lined up some potential private backers. I'm getting close to finishing my MBA, and am trying to pull together a business plan for him, so if nothing else, your suggestions might help me with my final project/dissertation. :)

    Anyway, I find this to be an interesting thread and hope others will respond. I do think we all need to find ways to pull together more. The current situation in this country for the disabled is just untenable.