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    I was told I would have to take Prednisone for my autoimmune hepatitis, and one other drug. Does prednisone mess you up, weight gain, hair loss, etc? I guess I have no choice though!

    Anyone out there on Prednisone now? Does it have the above affects on you?
  2. 69mach1

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    you need to weigh the risk for you...all long do y9u need to be on this for lifetime? how many mgs a day? i was on it once for about 3 months when i had blood problems when i was 17 yrs old..

    from what i remember it came out that i had mono and non a and non b hep...that was back in 1981....but aobut 12 years later i got dx w/lymphoma well that wasn't it...and the darn dr should've never put me i that stuff..

    i gained weight..bloated and it causes fat deposists underneath the muscles, chin,tailbone, oh the back of the neck area...buffalo hump...look...i have had plastic surgeons ask me if i was ever on any prednisone before...said ype why...then they explained it..

    i couldn't sleep, wired, sweating, supresses the immune system...weakens the walls of our veins....i could go on and on...

    second opinion by a speacialist..please...i told my hubby that i would rather die than take that stuff again...i messed with my head..buldged out my eyes...

    if you need it to stay alive then you make the decision on what is best for you..but i hope you don't need it..

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    so still get a second opinion...i understand this is longterm for you...and can be very there looks like there are other meds that maybe used...but prednison is one of them

    i would wear a bracelet if you decide need predisone for your therapy...i had to wait 6 months after i was finally tapered off the i could get my spleen out and the gall bladder...

    hugs to you...make sure you have the best doctors around...