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    what is causing your low ANA, did the Dr. Say?

    What is ANA stand for? My Dr. mentioned it to me when he looked over my blood work results.

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    ANA stand's for antinuclear antibodies. These antibodies can attack a cell, like in lupus.

    Posiyive ANA may indicate an autoimmune disease.

    But it is not alway's accurate. Other factor's can cause a positive result, such as a virus.

    They usually take other factor's into consideration such as swollen joints and butterfly rash for lupus.

    That is why immune suppressor's are sometimes prescribed.

    Mild autoimmune Hep sometimes need's no treatment. Vaccines for Hep A and B are usually recommended.

    I would write out a list of question's and make an appt. with your doctor and make them explain your test result's so you understand exactly what is going on.

    You have the right to know and understand your test result's.

    Hope that help's,