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    The other day I was sitting on the couch in our kitchen, listening to the radio and texting my friend on my mobile/cell phone

    Each time a message came back to me, there was serious crackling on the the point that if my phone was on silent, I knew a message was there because of the radio.

    So... I started thinking ( a dangerous thing at the best of times!!!)....remember years and years ago there was a warning out in regards to digital alarm clocks being very bad for you if left beside you on your night table - and that they could severely screw up sleeping patterns?

    Well, take that and add computer, tablets, smartphones to the mix....we are living in a vortex of all this (negative) energy flying around us constantly.

    Who hear uses their mobile/cell phone as their alarm clock? (so the phone is on all night...). Or falls asleep watching a movie on their laptop or tablet.

    I know that I am guilty on all counts, believe me!

    So, this weekend, not only did I turn all of my tech gear off....I removed it to another room.

    Now, I don't know whether it was the continuance of my sheer exhaustion that I have been going through all this week (but still getting up practically every hour) or the fact that I was just too tired, but the last two nights I was only up 2 x each night ( a record for me!). So, I am going to continue with my little research project!

    Feel free to join in and see if it makes any difference to would be interesting reading other people's results with this little research project!

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