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    i am 21 years old and i have been going to the doctor on and off for the past 8 years with all these pains, memory problems, tiredness (not even the right word it is way beyond that!), the restless legs. i have been told by my family and doctors that there is nothing wrong with me and it is all in my head. i have been sent to therapists so they could figure out whats going on. i was told about a week ago i have fibromyalgia and i got a second opinion yesterday. the doctor is still doing test for other things but i feel so relieved i am finally get some answers. my husband is in the military and is gone all the time and we have two young kids so i feel i have no support from anyone! my family and husband still think its not a big deal. am i over reacting to all this pain? how can i describe how i feel to them to make them understand what i am going through?
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    I am glad you aregetting answers! As for your family I can tell you from my own family problems that it may take a while. Here are a few tips... 1. take your family with you to Dr apts. 2. let them see the many faces of fibro, there are a ton of videos out there, check youtube. 3. never stop giving them info. 4. be patient with them.
    My mom still has to be reminded that I am sick. I have had her come onto the board so much and my hubby even posted a few times to ask questions.
    just please try to be easy on yourself and know that you are not alone!
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    I am so sorry to hear what you are going thru and so young.

    You have come to the right place for support. My gosh hubby gone young kids and no support. You are amazing!

    Did you read any of the posts at that the top of board on how to explain this awful illness? There are some great ones. Also have family read some of the posts here. It is a challenge with family and friends. also take them to docs(if you have a supportive one).

    Keep us posted and come here for help.

    Gentle Hugs
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    i appreciate your support and advice. i have been reading through the board and this looks like its going to be tough but it's amazing that there is a great group of people to support each other like this!
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    Knowledge is power. You need to feed your family/friends etc. information. There are ways to do this delicately if they are resistant.
    Read up as much as you can. Make sure you have a good support system - that is critical!!

    I used to say things like "wow, I read that many people with Fibro are on disability, I'm so lucky that I'm not" or "this explains the headaches I've been having" etc. I never wanted, still don't, to be a complainer - sometimes it's darn hard not to. My family can hear it in my voice when I don't feel well. I'm very fortunate because my family is very supportive. BUT...I've educated them. When I find a good article, I forward it to them 'with love" - "maybe this will explain it better than I could ever... thanks for your love and support"

    Yes, this is a great place for support and understanding. I'm sorry that you're here for the reason you are, but it's nice to have you. Please post - often! Answer other posts as well - we learn from each other....everyday.

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    Welcome to the site Noica.

    It is great you are learning and finding some help after 8 years.
    I have had symptons for over 10 years and just three months ago was told it was fibro. Now so many of my family members that have always seen me well, because you do not look sick and all your test results come back fine, wonder really does she feel that bad? So it is a long process to educate them. I think it was when my husband went to the doctor with me for the first time that he started to get it. Sometimes I feel like people do think it is all in your head or that you are pretending to be sick.
    But none of that is true and you have come to a good place for support. Keep searching for information and take good care of yourself. It is important for us to band together and help one another.
    Good Luck to you and God Bless
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    I'm sorry to hear you're having to go through all of this so young. I was a couple of years older than you when my troubles started. I try to get on the message boards everyday and look around. It helps just to know that there are others out there like us.

    All questions are welcomed here... I've seen some very knowledgable answers and very compassionate answers as well.

    Remember: If you're in pain, there is something wrong.

    Good for you for having the strength to keep fighting for your answers while raising a family. Thank your husband for his service... and thank you for being his rock.

    I wish you luck finding your answers.