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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LadyLawe, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. LadyLawe

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    I have FM and have been out of work since April on short term, that ended in October. Took them a month to give me Long term Disability but get this, they gave me 24 months for a "MENTAL DISORDER". My Pain management Doc does not think I have FM but the Rhuematologist diagnosed me with FM. The pain doc said I am only depressed and that I am suffering from somatoform disorder. I found 2 definitions online for this. Not sure about either one. I am not happy with any of this but at least they approved the LTD. I asked about changing doctors and they said there is no problem with this so that is a good thing. But I am also being told that I have to apply for Social Security Disability and appeal it if denied. I have no idea how I am supposed to do this for a "mental disorder". All I know is that I am in pain alot, am tired alot, get "pins and needles" feelings in my hands and feet, can't drive too much or too far, and am trying to find doctors to work with me without saying I am only depressed. At first I felt guilty for not working but now I know I need to take care of myself first otherwise I will not be able to be here for my kids and husband later. I know that much! I did try Cymbalta but they had me on trazadone and topomax at the same time. I experienced vision trails, loss of concentration, and memory loss. Since they were not sure which caused it, they took me off the cymbalta and the trazadone. I am back on my Celexa and still on my topomax which does cause memory problems in higher doses so I had to cut back to a total of 200 mg. a day vs. 250 mg. a day. No change in the concentration, memory, or vision trails. But the topomax is the only thing that has kept the daily headaches away. I can't give that up. I am at a loss now.
    thanks for allowing me to vent. Wendy
  2. maripat

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    Somatoform is the new name for what used to be called psychosomatic. Google it there is lot's of info.
  3. MamaR

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    So sorry to hear of your problems...can relate to so much of it, as so many others on here do.

    I haven't been here long....even though I have suffered for many years. I will say that this board can lift you when you are down physically, mentally, or just when you want to vent. They are wonderful people. It is just sad that we all have to suffer, but is good to have others that can REALLY understand and help lift you up when you are in need!

    Take care....Mari
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    hello and welcome aboard!!!! i`m in the same boat as you i was dx with fibro by my rhumy dr.this may and i couldn`t work nomore i was so depressed and stress out i wk in hosp. for 20 yrs,so i fighting for ssd now. you came to a great place to talk there`s so many of us here with all kind of problems and we all help each other,,,,,, great board!!! good luck,,,,gmom,,,glad to have you aboard!!
  5. Bambi

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    I've had FM for a long time and saw many doctors before Fibro was called Fibromyalgia. It was then several years of being told I either didn't have it, was nuts or had it but "so
    what". Then there were the ones that said they don't treat FM patients. I finally found a doctor just as I was ready to give up on everything.

    As far as applying for SSD for mental problems, you could get it faster with that diagnosis than with the FM. I've known people that got on with both dx's so it just depends on the
    judge you get.

    Once you get a for sure dx then you can start working on how to get better. Good luck and I hope it ends up being something curable and not this stuff. It's a rough ride. Keep coming back!

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