Bras/Breast Cancer Link

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    Well today I received a notice to this effect from the Health Freedom Alliance and almost deleted it but started to check it out...there are MANY sites with this info: Breast Cancer and Bras

    This particular one I found quite informative relative to the Lymphatic System and wearing bras....yikes!!!!

    Personally, I have not worn one since my hip replacement hospital was so freeing without one for 3 days there that I could not go back to wearing one...I tried once I think in the last 3+ yrs and almost tore it off my body. All the years I've worn one, I NEVER bought into the underwire business.... This is a very good link and there are many on this issue....if it doesn't open here, it's very short and easy to copy in your search engine....

    As one link said, don't send Komen money, send them your bra....

    Studies indicate bra'a may be the main cause of breast cancer.
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    What does this have to do with CFS or FM? And if bras cause cancer, wouldn't cancer rates be much higher than they are?
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    TL, it's posted in the General Health FYI not a debate...I don't have all answers, who does, but food for thought, I'm not debating this. The sentence reads "MAY"....The Pycnogenol folks back in 1995 told us Pyc "may" prevent cancer, the MAIN reason I jumped on it.....jam

    Oh and it can have something to do with FM, as many over the years have talked about a sheet hurting their body, they have so much pain....that's never been my case but I've heard that here....a bra is the most tight/confining thing a woman wears, along with shoes...
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    I do like the coverage of a wireless bra when I'm out in public, but I don't wear one at home. Luckily, I'm small enough that it's not a problem. I think larger breasted women are sometimes uncomfortable without the support of a bra.

    Speaking of lymph, I get a lymphatic massage on the rare occasion when my breasts are achy. It truly makes those twinges go away.

    The woman who does this work told me she's started using coconut oil for deodorant. It's antibacterial, so it does a good job of controlling odor. When she applies it, she massages around her armpit since there are lymph nodes there.

    I'm using the coconut oil and really like it. The trick is not to overdo it and apply too much.

    I've read that some people boost the coconut oil with baking soda and arrowroot powder if the oil by itself is not strong enough for odor.
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    I use CO daily and drinking it right now in my morning coffee....for deodorant I use zinc oxide, I use no commerical deodorants.....CO sounds like a good idea too.

    I've posted this info on my iodine group and so far 2 gals reported they gave up bras a long time ago and heard about this lymph issue long ago. I take Iodine MOSTLY to keep breasts out of pain....when I don't take it, miss a while, I can get pain twinges......that's not all Iodine is needed for, it's important for all body tissues. jam
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    I just re-read the whole link above and thinking on this issue....and I've been in the capitalism/industrialized world all my life, it seems less and less as I age and have time to learn more and "THINK".....

    So MUCH of the world, women are not bound up in bras, wonder what cancer rates are in those parts of the world, ummmm.....wonder wonder.... We are the most industrialized country and the MOST illness and cancers, my guess. Better stop thinking here...