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  1. sixtyslady

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    I notice that the Bra thing is a big issue. what I have found for myself. bare in mind I"m a full figure gal. If I go without a bra I have more pain,Grant you ,I buy very good bras, no certain brand, but always good side and back support and very comfortable material.sometimes I even sleep in my bra and it helps me. Hugs sixtyslady
  2. lil_angel1198

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    Have noticed the same thing. If I wear an older one, that doesn't support as well, I hurt more. However, if I have one that is very supportive, my back aches less.
    I too and very blessed in that area.
  3. Greenbean7

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    Being another who was "blessed" with large "girls", I have finally found a bra I actually like and it decreases some of my back pain.

    My daughter recommended it (she sells Avon and they have it in their book). It is a Bali, underwire, minimizer bra. It has wide cushioned straps and doesn't ride up or bind.

    I was concerned that the girls would feel squished and uncomfortable, but it surprised me with how comfy it is. And I don't look so "out there" in it!

    My DD is also "blessed" and she wears one, too. I am 52 and the girls have headed south. DH is 28 and her girls aren't moving yet, but she is still comfortable in the same bra.

  4. caperkat

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    I did have breast reduction surgery for back & neck pain 2 years ago. With the DD having gotten worse in the past year, I just wear a lightweight camisole under my blouse or t-shirt. The fabric & constraint of a bra was getting to be uncomfortable, & at time even painful due to the sensitivity. Luckily, I'm smaller now, & I don't increase my pain because of it.

  5. fifthofanickel

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    You are hilarious...I had my laugh for the day..That is so true re; "the girls" heading

    I saw one of those Hallmark ole lady cards the other day & it said; "As far as I'm concerned, the perfect bra is a sweatshirt." And that's so true for wear sweatshirts around the house & under my housedresses I wear one of those shelf bra tank tops. Gives just enough support w/o crunching "the girls"

    I'll be laughing about this for a week. Thanx so much for making my day..

    Hugs & Blessings;
  6. ilovecats94

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    I got FMS in 1995, and I quit wearing a bra about 1998, because it was just so uncomfortable. About killed me...

    I did feel odd going without one in public, but I got used to it and I'm a big woman too. I do wear them for formal wear, of course. I own one bra that fits me now.

    I don't even wear one to the doctor's office, but I mostly wear T-shirts and they are thick and dark. I don't wear light stuff in public.

  7. Bruin63

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    I have never found one that was comfortable.
    Even back in Hi School, I couldn't wait to get home and take it off.
    I only wear a strapless if I have to put one on.
    Some clothing you really need the suppot.

    Can anyone wear the Cami's with the built in's.
    I like the ones with a real bra built in, not just he eleastic that goes around your body.

    I take the Bra part of a 2 piece swim sset, and just base the front part to a Pretty Tee, so the "Girls" can't peak out, lol. Just cut the straps off first.

    How many of you have ever been dx with Chronic Myofasicl Pain Disorder? I think my is more from that, BRa Pain.

    Have a Great Day,
  8. starmom

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    When cherries become a problem in colder eather, try band-aids! I did this through most of high school, I had this DD then. Bras were so painful, and my "girls" hadn't even gotten alrge enough for southern migration to be an issue.

    A bandaid on each side kept the "cherries" problem under control. Now, after over 20yrs w/o a bra I almost never feel self conscious. They are just body parts, after all.

    I have had great luck with a Spanx Bra. It is very stretchy, made from pantyhose material, but doesn't get runs. I can tolerate this for enough tiem to go to a business function for my hubby's office. But only that long.

    I would NEVER wear one to a doc. If the doc sees me all dressed up then the doc will tend to think I am "fine" and overreacting. I dress comfortably, nicely, not grunge, but never get dressed up. It gives the doc a more accurate pic of things, IMHO.

  9. libra55

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    I only wear it to go out the house. I detest them. I am 50 and mine are headed south too. I'm medium busted, not big not small. Use to be very tiny.

    I hear Decent Exposures (catalog) makes comfortable ones.

  10. lil_angel1198

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    Ohman.. the 'cherries' LOL..I have that problem too! I now buy bras that have a thicker material...not really padding, I don't need any extra!! But enough to hide the 'cherries'. I already feel self consious about myself, that situation just makes it worse.
  11. Treca

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    I could never find a bra that felt good. I would constantly have to adjust and move it around. They would kill my shoulders not matter how loose they were. That is until I found out about the Victoria's Secret Angels Secret Embrace bra. It has been heaven sent for me and is the only bra I wear now. I don't feel it and I never have to adjust it. It also helps with the "going down south thing as well", but it doesn't make you poke out like your going to bust out of the bra. It just gives you a nice little lift. Just for reference I'm a 36C.

    I know that every women is different, but it's worth a try when you absolutely HAVE to wear a bra. Like the majority of you ladies I HATE to wear a bra and don't wear one until I go out, but it's nice to have a bra that fits like it should and one that you can't feel. The price is $44. If anyone has any other suggestion that I could maybe try that you have found worked well for you please let me know :)
  12. Txslady

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    I agree with the hating to wear a bra...if I don't leave the house I don't put on a bra. However a few weeks ago I was at Kohls and they had their bras half off. I figured I would try and see if anything would be a good comfortable fit. I tried on the Bali spa closure (style 3372) and I fell in love. This is the best bra I have ever owned. It is not padded but is double lined and has wide straps with a gel padding on the back where the hooks are. No more hooks in my spine. I actually don't mind wearing this bra everyday but if I am staying home then it is no bra day. I am only a 36B so this may make a difference.

  13. cathugs

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    I have always joked to my sisters and a few others that that the only reason
    that I wear a bra, is so people can tell
    that I am a female. L.O.L.
    Ruth a.k.a. cathugs
  14. rachel432

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    hey all!
    i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who has a problem wearing bras. mostly i live in those cami's with the built in shelf bra. really they are just enough support and two layers of material to keep you decent in public. they are so comfey.

    if i must wear an actual bra the only thype i'll wear are the t-shirt knit bras from victoria's secret. really soft and they get softer evry time you wash them. but they do still have the same feeling f a bra tat i don't like and try to avoid, but certain situations demand it no matter how uncomfortable you are.

    i know this got kind of long, thanks for listening!
  15. Jordane

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    I never heard so many names for the boobs.But I really really like the *ladies*.
    Mine arent big enough to be ladies,still in the *teeny*
    years,never grew out of them,and I am 50. But even *teenys* know how to go south.;>)
    I have been wearing sport bras for years.Loose enough to be comfy. But the camys with the bras in them sound interesting.May check them out!

    Take Care!!
  16. BethM

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    I still order my bras from Decent Exposures, in fact just received two new ones in the mail. They get my vote for bras, and they make other comfy cotton clothing as well. They have a nice website if anyone wants to check them out.

    And no, I don't work for them, just am a long time satisfied customer!