Brazil nuts eat 2 a day high in Selenium, good for us all

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  1. JoFMS

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    Hi there,

    I just learnt something new today whilst researching.

    Brazil nuts are high in selenium and contain a full amino acid profile so can be eaten as a complete protein. 1 brazil nut contains approx 100mcg of selenium and poss more.

    I was looking at selenium as it's a great antioxidant but also helps prevent against cancer, is essential to the immune system. I have just read something that as little as 200mcg of seleniunm can help fight cancer and boost immune system. Vit E boosts the effectiveness of selenium. It's essential to help maintain thyroid function, metabolism, can help rheumatoid arthritis and many of the things we suffer from.

    Selenium also has a strong protective action protecting against the effects of heavy metal poisoning such as mercury. I came to find this as I was looking for a way of trying to be stable for when I have my amalgam fillings out safely to avoid further mercury posioning.

    So we should all eat 2 brazil nuts a day I reckon! I'm vegetarian so useful to know they are a complete protein source too. I have just started eating 5 a day. They say to produce major benefits up to 600mcg may be taken so that's 6 brazil nuts a day. Or if taking long term between 200-400mcg per day.

    Early symptoms of selenium deficiency include muscular weakness and fatigue.

    So go buy some brazil nuts!
  2. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    (myself included), however Brazil nuts have always been an exception. I'm not sure why but I didn't especially like the taste.

    I've long known they were a very healthy nut, my mom used to buy them and urge us to eat them, telling us how good they were for us. hmmm, maybe that's why I hesitated!

    Anyway, recently I decided to give them another go, because I was wanting a natural source of selenium. To my surprise, I discovered I now LIKE them...which presents another problem, because I tend to OVER-eat anything I really like.

    It's a great source of selenium and healthful fats..however the fats are VERY fatty, and too many may outweigh the benefits. TWO nuts per day sounds about right, thanks for the advice!
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    The latest findings are dramatic. Selenium is easy to get and take, while prostate cancer can be devastating. But notice something else: in the past, important findings in the field of prevention were almost always followed by weasel-worded statements, such as "scientists do not recommend that people actually take food supplements."

    This ringing endorsement of a dietary supplement, from a major university, certainly represents a welcome change. As author of Antioxidants Against Cancer (which has a chapter on selenium), I am hardly one to argue against taking supplements. However, I myself gag on the sulfurous odor of many selenium supplements. Instead, I eat Brazil nuts. Brazil Nuts (pictured above)

    Adding Brazil nuts to your diet will help you reach the desired level of 200 micrograms (mcg) per day. Here is an important tip: one unshelled Brazil nut (the kind you must crack yourself) averages 100 mcg of selenium, according to Cornell Professor Donald J. Lisk. On the other hand, an already shelled Brazil nut averages 12 to 25 mcg. So, while you can reach your daily requirement with two freshly hulled Brazil nuts, it would take between 8 and 16 already-shelled nuts to reach that level.

    There are other reasons to favor unshelled nuts. They are less likely to be contaminated by chemicals, odors or molds. Inspect the nuts carefully. Fresh Brazil nuts should be ivory white. If they have turned yellow, don't eat them. If you're not sure, take a nibble, and focus on the after-taste. It should be sweet, never bitter or rancid.

    Keep all nuts in the refrigerator before using them. They can go rancid. One logistical problem is that Brazil nuts tend to cling tenaciously to their shells. There are various fixes for this. If you freeze the nuts, the meat comes away from the shell more easily. Crack them while frozen and then let them defrost before eating. A good nutcracker (with a roughened surface) and a metal nut pick are essential tools. Some sources recommended baking them at 350 degrees F for about 15 minutes. I would avoid heating them, however, for fear of losing valuable nutrients.

    Selenium can be toxic in relatively high doses. According to Dr. Lisk, the toxic dose is around 2,500 mcg per day. Also, people are occasionally allergic to Brazil nuts. Or the nuts may have become contaminated with peanuts in processing. If you have never eaten them before, start with a small bite and then proceed with caution. I myself have never had a problem with them. They are delicious.

    After Brazil nuts, another good source of selenium is garlic. Everyone should try to average two cloves of fresh garlic per day. Other foods high in selenium are whole grains, sunflower seeds, other nuts, meat and seafood, especially swordfish, tuna and oysters. However you do it, try to make sure that you get your daily dose of 200 mcg of selenium. It could make a big difference.
  4. MamaDove

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    Thank you for sharing this today...I will add it to my diet immediately...

    As a kid, we always had them in the house and my Mom also said they were good for me, I guess that's why I ran to the freezer for a cremesicle...hahaha

    My Mom is gone for 14 years and I do miss her knowledge and wisdom...I didn't get sick til the year she passed on...Must be something to that too cuz I find myself 'listening' for her guidance in everything I now eat...After all, Mothers do know best :)

    I was thinking after posting with barrow about eating pizza and other non-foods, we should start a thread on healthy foods, including its benefits, possible harms and recipes to allow people easy access to better health...Many have never learned how to cook simple things, never mind complex (like boiling water on the stove instead of a microwave, only kidding)

    It seems we could all benefit from a thread such as that as well as a thread of 'dangerous foods' , what they really contain and how it is harmful...I think I will go and post this question, maybe the mods will add it to the TOP of the board so it's always right there in front of us, helps with brain fog too...

    Thanks again for the brazil nut info~MamaDove
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    I was thinking that same thing and remembered that I recently saaw the at my health food the shell, about a pound package, hand packed by the staff and if my memory serves me, the tag had the lil green organic emblem...
  6. JoFMS

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    Sunflower girl - thanks for the info about shelled and unshelled nuts.

    I have been buying them without shells on as find them hard to crack but will now look for ones with shells and get my husband to crack them open.

    Great advice! Brazil nuts with shells on it is!

    I think it would be a very good idea to start a thread with all the best nuritional foods for us but only the ones very high in the nutrition we need so as not to get too lost. I myself used to work in animal nutrition so understand a lot about nutrition which is great.
  7. starstern

    starstern New Member

    you can get organic sprouted brazil nut shelled ,and still get all selenium out of three nuts

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