Brazilian Wax , Leg Wax - - Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by anchor, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. anchor

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    I am considering having my legs waxed for the first time and would like to know if the pain I am expecting to experience will be amplified due to Fibro.

    Also, has anyone had a Brazilian Wax, which is a full bikini wax, with no hair left anywhere - it is removed from ALL the 'private' regions.....maybe except for a small strip of hair in front.

    I would imagine the pain to be incredible and wondering what I could do to tone it down a bit.

    Being in chronic pain, I can't decide if I should therefore be okay with pain like that, since unlike fibro pain, it will be short-term. Or, if I should realize that it will be more painful than for others b/c of the increased Substance P . . . ?????

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. kmelodyg

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    I have also thought about having that done, but I'm too shy to have a stranger go "down there". I would recommend mabye trying on yourself from a drug store waxing kit first. That way, you will know in advance before you go to a public place and have it done.

  3. Mikie

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    It removed two layers of skin and left all the hair intact. Waxing and epilating the bikini area can cause ingrown hairs and bumps which can be permanent and very ugly, even when done professionally.

    Many of us are losing our body hair due to endocrine abnormalities. Maybe if you just wait long enough...

    Love, Mikie
  4. Jen F

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    No way could I handle that!

    I'm one of those people that tried to wax at home, happily applied all the wax and the cloth strips, did one rip, and realized I was in quite a pickle...

    My eyebrows are the only thing I can tolerate being waxed, everything else way to sensitive.

    If I want to put on a bathing suit, it's Neet or the razor for me.
  5. j9miller

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    just had that all done last week. She does not have FM and said it was VERY painful. She said that when it came time and the lady asked her to turn over to do "behind", my friend said NO, I'll just go with this. She had about a 1/4 inch strip left. I have not spoken to her since her vacation so do not know how it feels as the time went by but she said it was VERY painful.

  6. mrskbarnett

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    It can be very painful and a little sore afterwards. It's a different kind of pain though. It's more of a burning pain, which I guess we have with fibro anyway. It's quick though and over with soon. You may have a little discomfort afterwards, a little tender. I used ice on the area before I got my wax job, numbed it a little and afterwards there was a little stinging. DON'T put anything like lotion to the area for at least 24 hours though, you could make the area break out. You'll do just fine and go back for more later. It's going to be ok.