breach of confidentiality.. help please!!!!

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    Hi all,
    I just had a read of all the letters in my file, since I'm sending them all off for disability insurance.

    Anyway, one of them from a psychologist horrifies me. She spewed onto paper everything I said - no matter how private. I'm sure I signed the typical confidentiality thing with her, and am sure she's violated it -VERY badly.

    If I'd had any idea she could do that, I never would have told her even 10% of what I did! Not that anything was bad, just private.

    Any idea what I should do, who I should talk to? She works for a hospital, not a private clinic; I only saw her once so don't really have a relationship with her.

    I want that thing destroyed; perhaps your typical conclusion letter written in its place. I want all copies destroyed from all my files in all doctors offices... and file a complaint, all without compelling everyone to go and read the damn thing before they destroy it!!!!!!

    please help!
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    I just heard on the news last week that all medical reports were not to be given to anyone anywhere unless the patient agreed. This is a new law.

    You might be able to find out more about it on the net. I heard it on FoxNews. Check their backlog concerning this legislation.

    Shalom, Shirl