"Break The Mold with Dr. Jill Crista, ND": Betterhealthguy Podcast

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    Scott Forsgren interviews Dr Jill Crista, ND about mold, mycotoxins and illness.

    This is a really interesting interview. Many of us have been exposed to mold and don't even realize it is a problem.

    Mold can be a key issue when those with chronic illness have tried everything and are not getting better.

    There are many other great podcast interviews on Betterhealthguy 's website on a wide variety of health topics.

    "Key Takeaways

    • How is mold a survivor and how common is mold in buildings in society?
    • How do mold-associated "bad gasses" impact our health?
    • Do molds potentially colonize the body resulting in the need for antifungal therapies?
    • Can immune dysregulation from mold exposure lead to an activation of Lyme, co-infections, or opportunistic microbes in the body?
    • How is mold allergy different from mold biotoxin illness?
    • How does mold and mycotoxins lead to food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, and EMF sensitivity?
    • What is the "Crista Mold Questionnaire" and what do the categories mean?
    • If someone has to leave their home, what can they taken with them?
    • What testing is a good initial step in exploring the potential of mold in an environment?
    • Is urinary mycotoxin testing helpful clinically?
    • Why is reducing dust important in optimizing an environment for health?
    • Are some supplements potentially a concern for those with mold issues?
    • What binders may be helpful, and what needs to be considered before adding binders?
    • Why is a focus on bile movers important, and what tools may be helpful?
    • How might lymphatic massage, sauna, or coffee enemas be supportive?"

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