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    I get regular information by prohealth, and this is what I received today, just thought you might be interested. Charlie21

    Critical New Piece of Fibromyalgia Puzzle Found?

    Pieces of the Fibromyalgia puzzle are slowly falling into place, and researchers are moving toward a unified theory that explains the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease.

    While the conviction among the majority of Fibromyalgia researchers is that Fibromyalgia represents a significant sensitization of the brain and spinal cord, some leading researchers have recently formed a theory that takes the "Sensitization Theory" a step further, to what can be called the "Hippocampus Hypothesis" or "Dopamine Hypothesis." This fascinating theory states that FM is primarily a brain dysfunction resulting from stress-induced physiological changes to a part of the brain called the hippocampus and to the important neurotransmitter that it regulates - dopamine.

    Specifically, the hippocampus is extremely sensitive to stress, and in fact is the brain organ that enables us to respond to environmental stressors in a way that helps us avoid danger. The best example of the beneficial stress response is when our ancestors crossed paths with a saber tooth tiger - an immediate "fight or flight" response was mandatory to ensure survival. Studies have shown that chronic stress, however, can contribute to a disruption of normal hippocampus function. The hippocampus plays a major role in pain perception and memory formation, and it is involved in controlling the production of that crucial brain neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine abnormalities have been linked to "restless leg syndrome," increased pain, and feelings of self doubt, anxiety, and problems with memory formation.

    If the "Dopamine Hypothesis" is correct, then it is reasonable to assume that drugs that restore normal dopamine levels and activity in the brain should have a therapeutic effect when administered to Fibromyalgia patients.

    And this is where the "Dopamine Hypothesis" picks up steam. Andrew Holman, MD, recently conducted a controlled, double blind study of the drug pramipexole with several Fibromyalgia patients. Pramipexole, sold under the brand name Mirapex™, is approved for treatment for Parkinson's disease - a primary dopamine disorder. Patients experienced significant improvement in their symptoms. Another drug that affects dopamine and has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for restless legs syndrome - ropinirole - also met with remarkable success in another recent Fibromyalgia study conducted by Dr. Holman.

    All told, the Dopamine Hypothesis looks promising for several reasons. It ties in nicely to the pathogenesis of the disease - that the onset of Fibromyalgia frequently occurs during times of prolonged or intense emotional or physical stress, when the hippocampus may become overworked and become dysfunctional as a result. And it ties into the fact that dopamine, which is largely regulated by the hippocampus, may cause many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia when its levels are unregulated.

    I would like to acknowledge Patrick B. Wood, MD, and Dr. Holman for their brilliant work with brain imaging, neurotransmitter physiology, and creative pharmaceutical approaches to normalizing/regulating dopamine in Fibromyalgia. Their work has proven beneficial to many Fibromyalgia patients and may hold promise for treatment of millions more. I applaud their bold, creative, and compassionate work.

    Dr. Wood explains the Dopamine Hypothesis in easy-to-understand language, using computer generated graphics and patient and doctor interviews in the acclaimed Fibromyalgia DVD "Fibromyalgia: Show Me Where It Hurts" To purchase a copy of this DVD, please visit the ProHealth store.

    Wishing you health and hope,

    Rich Carson
    ProHealth Founder and CFS Patient

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    It's good news, I hope, although I don't like the side effects I read about Mirapex.

    Charlie, someone else also posted this this morning so you might not get a lot of responses.


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    I did not see this before Thank You For Posting
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    You made a good point. I know a little on Parkinsons, many times one of the first signs of Parkinson is depression. It is not caused by depression, but the damage that is being done to the brain.

    Parkinson is also spoken of if you do a search engine on Parkinson Tourettes Autism, or Aspergers (spelling?). I have read that sometimes Tourette suffers has within their family someone with Parkinsons.

    Everyone is making great comments and we have a true wealth here on some very very special knowledgable folks. Togehter we are strong!

    Blessings.......Love, Susan
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    Thank you as always Rich for keeping us so well informed.

    My son has Tourettes & Aspergers Susan; I'm sure there is a genetic link.
  6. Any piece of the puzzle finding the cause/cure of this horrible disease is welcome.
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    I am very excited about it. I just saw your post after I posted about it!! We even more closer now to finding a cure! Yipeeeeeeee!

    Soft hugs,
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    Some started a thread on this got alot of responses. Ill try to find it and bump it for you incase you didnt see it.

    I believe it is titled "New release from our founder of this site on cause of Fibro"


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