breaking news cancer drug treats m.e.

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    Charles Shepherd via co cure


    Chronic fatigue syndrome eased by cancer drug - health - 19 October 2011 - New Scientist >>

    note they found this by accident and its still early days yet but shows promise

    this was presented at the invest in m.e. conference in may

    mike this has permission to be reposted by charles me association. he is interested in looking at research being carried out in the uk too
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    Charles Shepherd via CO-CURE has given this link to questions and answers on the breaking news of the trial for those who want to know more.


    Answers to common questions that are coming in to the MEA regarding rituximab and the clinical trial results from Norway:

    mikie this again has permission to be reposted by charles
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    Really appreciate your taking the time to cite your material's origin and reproducing it with permission. You make our jobs sooooo much easier. Hugs to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    charles says he will work with anyone who would be willing to do the research in uk

    the esme eu group are talking about it so think this will not be allowed to rest without further research


    you are welcome i get usure of rules these days but would appreciate if the voices from the shoddows film post could be put up somewhere you can download it for free in north america and dr l jason says itst he best film on m.e. he has ever seen

    hugs right back at you :) been really down with this dx recently so good to see a friendly reply

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    The URL for the website where we can download the film? Or is there a key word or two to help us in searching for it. The URL's we can't download are for commercial websites selling things. We can post URL's for nonprofit websites here.

    I'm sorry you are going through a rough time. My prayers go out to you and all of us who suffer these illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
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    i wish as many people who can watch it and share with family. its a follow up from the lost voices INVEST IN ME book.

    This is a detailed piece which gives a good idea of the content in link below

    not suitable for children and quite hard hitting i.e.

    People in the US (and Canada?) can watch it for free thru' Oct 30 at:

    this link tells you about the producer reposted with permission

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    no its not cheap and does have risks though i spoke to one lady who had ra and it did not give her any side effects. though there are side effects as with all drugs

    it does hawever show that the authors can show that m.e. is autoimmune illness. interesting that they found this quite by accident in treating a cancer patient.

    some patients relapsed however they are looking at follow up study which they will continue giving further shots of the drug to see if continued use can stop relapse

    i ve for many years thought that this is immune system based because so many viral infecions cause and also because chemicals etc can also start this dx off

    i m interested in the enterovial infections dr chia looks at they hide out in the cells perhaps causing this reaction the drug treats

    it is exciting news anyway and i hope it takes us in a new direction, treating the immune system rather than the virus itself.

    thats the way medical herbalists work they treat the immune system and the body then can fight the infection itself. of course they treat the body as a whole, treating cns immune and being able to mix anti virals all in one.