Breakthrough Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cowlady, Feb 6, 2003.

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    Am I being unreasonable to ask for something for breakthrough pain? My pain specialist gave me Ultram which did nothing for me. I have been trying since Monday to contact her and tell her I need something stronger. Why is it I feel guilty saying "Look give me some Lortab or Vicodin" My legs are hurting so bad I am fighting back the tears. I am working long hours and then I staying in bed when I am not working. I don't go out. I dont' have a life anymore because of the pain.

    Any suggestions?
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    I don't know about you but being at a doctor's appt seems to be the equivilant of a big brain f--t for me. I forget half of what I meant to tell him and trying to describe pain and remember what precipitated it and how long it lasted etc is impossible. I've started keeping a pain journal and try to write in it every night, no matter how badly I'm feeling, while things are fresh in my mind. That way I can remember if I woke up with the pain or if it started at some other time of the day, what I took, if it helped, etc. Doctor's like working with facts and if it's there in black and white, it may help him understand that the meds you're on now aren't helping. It may be worth a try. Good luck. I know how hard it is to try and make someone understand the hell this DD puts us through.

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    And worse....can't get any relief. I don't have any suggestions,ya see i'm in the same boat~ I have several chronic painful DD and still have a hard time....(NO,impossible time)...trying to get anything stronger than a Darvecet out of my Dr!!I just don't understand what it takes! Just wanted you to know your not alone~
    I once asked to try the drug klonopin,my drs response was "I save that for my severe cases". How the hell does she know whether or not a case is severe??!! I've had FM for 10 yrs(and other things)and its gotten worse each year.So figure it out~I am no happy camper!!
    best of luck to you~
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    I have had the same problem getting anything stronger than Darvocet for pain from my primary. I did get him to prescribe 3 a day instead of 1. But, I felt the Darvocet was not strong enough, so I went to pain specialist.
    Oh My! It's like going into the "fountain of drugs". First I was put on Oxycotin, then Morphine.
    I stopped the morphine because of too many side effects. The worst being constipated. Even 3 SenacotS wouldn't help.
    There was itching, nightmares and mood swings.

    But for the break through pain he said I could take 1 darvocet between the morphine dosages.
    I know the pain in your legs could send you screaming into the streets, at least that's how I have felt before.
    My recipe is keeping my legs warm and if necessary taking extra Klonopin. See if your doctor would prescribe you Klonopin if your legs hurt and are restless. Maybe he would increase the Ultram.
    It's strange how one pain med will work on one person and do nothing for the next. I'm back on Darvocet, don't know what to do now.
    Hope you get relief persistant!
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    i would have to come in and see him about getting anything stronger for breakthrough pain when i was in a long flare. what do they not get, i can't even drive when i am in that much pain, let alone leave the house.

    i don't understand why persons with "pain" problems cannot have something on "standby" for when we need it. we are not drug seekers, we are pain relief seekers. if only they could live in our bodies on our worst day!